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80's-90's MEMORIES

poop stache

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Well it was 1979, which was almost the 80's, but remember Cruisin' Main Street with your Hot Rod equipped with a CB Radio and looking for girls? Check out these videos:




and this one:





I don't think very many people on here were even born in 1979, and I'm pretty sure the ones on here who were alive, were tucked into bed and dreaming about cookie monster while shitting in their diapers late at night while you were out cruising for chicks LOL!


But good post none the less.

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Just got back from Detroit to see the inlaws.


found this in my wifes old basement.


Pristine showroom condition:




The gun does not seem to work on HDTVs, unless i am doing something wrong.


Came with:





and a few other craptacular games.



I'm gonna need the original Mario Bros where you can kill each other, Zelda, NHL 94/95, Punch Out, Burger Time, & Rad Racer

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