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80's-90's MEMORIES

poop stache

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From the website;


"Registration is necessary to save the state of games on our server and load it later. You need to enter login, email and password. You can view all your saved games in your profile, it is located in the upper right corner of the screen."




Basically you just gotta sign up for it.

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naw i realize, but am barely inspired at this point.. it was all "yes, dl some gay flash player & its good to go!" before, but now im dreading the thought of having to sign up another email, register for that shit, dling it & making sure it all works proper, etc.. still do want to play, though.. next time, ill be ready to take on that wave of shit, as its not an unexpected one


i know thats incredibly lazy, but now i just wanna burn & chill out to some cartoons while doodling/oontzing


definitely appreciate the link, though - seems solid

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yeah i probably fucked something up.. im over it, though


pretty much trying to do that when im bored here & there, just playing the shit outta arcade games where there arent multiple worlds involved


played spy hunter for about 5 minutes before going



cant believe it used to be fun.. its honestly the worst game ever :lol:

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Dont remember what this was called, but i had one



had a monchichi as a lil girl.



this thread holds many memories.



"pegging" your pants.


stacking your socks - in high school we knew who came from Chicago or anywhere east of that by the low ankle socks.


mall bangs.


emergency breakthrough when your friends mom was on the phone.




when CDs first came out in long boxes


passing notes in class

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