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80's-90's MEMORIES

poop stache

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Haha funny description, and true. These were awesome.






in retrospect this looks like some sort of a butt plug enema kit, but its from the 80's none the less and I'm pretty sure mine broke the first time i used it bc it was on concrete instead of a "soft field"


But I see your water rockets, and raise you one of these guys, also prone to breaking






The Balsa wood flyers. Once I snapped one of those bitches in half just winding up the rubber band that tight. I was gonna send that thing to the moon.

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I hate to do this, not that I've even payed attention to a whisper of sports since the 90's but this shit was awesome. Yes i played little league. Yes I loved baseball till I saw someone invented pussy, and yes 1n 1987 i spent my milk money on filling this sticker book.




*edit and yes thats D&D.

** double edit. those styrofoam planes w the plastic tips /nh were amazing for an afternoon till something better came up that also cost 50cents.

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