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Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident


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You're dumb. Prostitues/strippers? And they were UGLY for the most part, AND its been claimed he's had unprotected sex with them? Dude probably has the itchee scratcheez. And for the record, his wife beat him up first. :lol:


Haha..I like this dude.


Quote bombZ for tigerZ!

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There wouldn't be an issue if he wasn't married, if he wanted to fuck loads of women then he shouldn't have gotten married. He fucked up, plain and simple.


He shouldn't have played up to this super clean cut professional image if that isn't who he is, kinda hypocritcal really.


step away from the television and US magazines and go get your own opinion

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step away from the television and US magazines and go get your own opinion


That is my opinion I don't read US magazines/watch shitty american news, if you wanna fuck loads of women then don't get married, especially if you are fucking loaded and your wife can take loads of your cash in a divorce settlement, that is just fucking stupid.


There is nothing wrong with single guys being players and fucking loads of women, but if you're married then your just a fucking scumbag if you sleep with loads of women behind your wife's back.

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Tiger Woods, named Tuesday as Associated Press athlete of the decade, now faces suspicions about the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The Associated Press votes Tiger Woods the athlete of the decade - even though the decade doesn't really end for another year - and surely the PGA Tour, curled into a cringing ball these days, is wondering, "Why did you have to mention his name, anyway?"

As the piling-on continues for Woods, his sponsors either jumping or edging toward the window after reports of his secret life escaped in such vivid detail, now comes the link to this HGH - happy doctor in Toronto. So you know what's arriving now: Is Tiger a juicer, or what?

Well, he's now a big, muscular guy and wasn't when he was 19. Does that prove anything? Of course not. But I have no idea whether he cheats in this regard or not. I've heard an awful lot of pros say he's the first guy into the gym and the last guy out, but in this day and age, that isn't necessarily definitive, either way.

What I have never bought is the idea that PGA Tour professionals as a group, who until recently weren't drug-tested and faced no penalties anyway, didn't use performance-enhancing drugs, other than the odd isolated case.

Why, exactly, wouldn't they? The answer, as it is with hockey players, always is about "character." As in, "Our guys wouldn't do that. They have too much character."

That idea doesn't sell here. Go out and watch the way some golfers take a relief drop sometime; there's less massaging in Sweden.

Years ago, the hot talk was about beta-blockers to calm down golfers lest their putting strokes get too jitterized. Some claimed it wouldn't help anyway. The notion now that HGH - for which there is no reliable test yet - couldn't help anyone is nutty.

The biggest difference between golfers now and way back when is length. (NH) Most of that difference is equipment, but if there is help out of a bottle that nobody could bust you for, you think everyone would shun it?

You think the best player, a guy who obviously hid everything else interesting about himself, would shun it? Probably, but who knows? Would anything suprise anyone at this point?

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man leave dude alone! another reason to hate media and gossip mags... dude is the most famous and richest athlete in the world... dude needs to deal with it head on asap though and not hide, fix that tooth and go on opra or 60minutes and dead all this shit... i mean he is a normal man, dude could get women as easy as opening a door, of course he fucked broads! he either should have NEVER got married (a la Derek Jeter) or been way more smart about it.... the fake news shows and tmz and all those awful media outlets need to stop jocking, it makes me feel so awkward listening to grown adults going on and on about this shit like on some OMG! type shit every fucking day...

props to all the broads who are NOT snitching and looking for a hand out or their 15minutes...

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I might be late on this, but this muthafucka got sent to sex rehab?! Hahaha...wow, his PR people are really desperate at this point for people to forgive him, huh?


I have a friend who got diagnosed as a sex addict...it made his girl's life miserable, because he now, in his mind, had an excuse to cheat :lol:


Kind of the same but I tried to blame my anti-social personality disorder everytime my ex thought I was being an asshole, saying "I have a disease ya know". She said I couldn't do that though, because I wasn't seeking any treatment for the problem...I don't know how that makes sense since there is no treatment for it, but whatever.


Anyways, I got off topic, but my point of bumping this thread was that Tiger going to sex rehab is fucking MAJOR LULZ

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