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Hunting for old graffiti items


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life sucks die 1 and 2

ultra 2 and 3

flashbacks 9 and 1-4

magic moments 1-4

garage early ones 1-6...

xplicit grafix 1-4, 6

Xplicit Grafix Vol2 issue 1and the first double issue

hype: metal monsters issue

fat cap 1-2

OnTheRun Special Double Issue 1 nyc

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I still have these magazines if anyone's interested. Especially I am selling the Bronx, Brooklyn,Queens and Manhattan Mass Appeals together for $200 and Mass Appeal 1-4 for $200. The rest are negotiable. email me instead on contacting on here since I rarely check the site anymore. wezzywez@gmail.com


Scribble #5

quality of life issue 3 cavs on cover

Beautiful decay issue j

Scribble #7

flashbacks #10

life sucks die #8

beautiful decay issue 1

all nation volume 3

Clout #4

flashbacks #11

undastream magazine #2

know name #1

scribble #13

the raw and uncut 1-10 (fanzine put out by snatch cwk)

Undastream #4

Scribble #8

mass appeal manhattan edition

Down the line

Day in the lyfe issue 5

Undastream #3

clout #1

Addicion #3

undastream #1

magic moments issue 1

catch me if you can

true colorz #8

Clout #7

underground productions

Molotov cocktail new York special edition

Mass appeal #4 revs interview

Day in the lyfe #4

the vapors issue 1

Mass appeal 32

mass appeal 19

Mass appeal 21

Mass appeal 16

Mass appeal 20

Garage magazine #9

mass appeal 11

Mass appeal 27

Fat cap magazine new York special #1 cope cover(cover came off, but I have it)

Crazy kings issue #4 Mitch cover

Mass appeal #2

can control bombers only issue

Mass appeal da Bronx

Mass appeal #3

mass appeal Brooklyn

Mass appeal issue #1

crazy kings issue #3 seen bday cover

Can control summer 1994 issue

Stress issue 4

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Not very old, but I'd like to get ahold of a Montana Basic can. I'd prefer full, but empty or used is ok, too. They changed the packaging to "white line", and I'd like one from before the packaging switch.



i got one can (empty) of montana basic (green colour) its a bit bashed from the bottom of the can but not pierced. where you from? i have about 70 random empty cans

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