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"Digital Economy Bill"

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nah it is cool, I think things like this are important enough to be in here and ch0, you will get a different range of responses depending on where it is posted.

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Posted in the other thread:









If it doesn't load any ip blocklists, check

here http://blocklistpro.com/download-center/


you can download and import the lists into peerguardian.


I'm bored so I'm going to cobble a little security shit

together for the Brits. If Shai or anyone wants to contribute,

go on. I'm not going into great detail.


Plugins for firefox that will keep yo' shit secure:


adblock plus











TorFOX for googling securely



Ixquick for searching without having your search logged or ip stored (same as torfox, maybe better)



portable pidgin (like aim, yahoo, irc, etc in one...but this one comes with encryption)



Tor Browser package....portable and not (securely browse the web)



Notice that in the last pack, you can also download it with pidgin which will also use the tor network....

tor makes you anonymous...or moreso than you are now....


be warned, it can be slow.



Torrentprivacy. Haven't used this, but torrentfreak likes it


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