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Oliver Clothesoff

CMHX - Carmath Incorporated

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Another batch of these same boxes are rolling around with CMHX marks and no refrigeration added. I don't have an actual number but the series is 71xxx.



Carmath, Inc. is a leading provider of railcars and services.


Small to medium sized leases either "net" or bundled with any of a variety of services.


The bundled services can include maintenance, insurance, taxes and management functions, etc.


Value-added re-marketing services to help you dispose of excess equipment or acquire fleet additions.


We are not brokers, but have successfully acted in the capacity of Exclusive Agent for railroads and shippers that might lack the in-house expertise to perform these functions most effectively.


We are a railcar leasing company, actively involved in increasing the size of our fleet for the purpose of bringing lease opportunities to the rail industry.


It is our opinion that the business climate of today is conducive to the acquisition of second hand freight cars. We can then offer very attractive lease rates on many different car types.


If you currently ship via rail, or if you are considering rail shipments in the future. Carmath, Inc. would welcome any circumstance wherein we might be able to acquire excess equipment to make available for your lease service.


An added benefit would be our association with Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc., a full service railcar repair and re-build facility located near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Midwest Railcar Repair recently opened a new state of the art shop, including blast and paint capabilities of the most recent design.


As a sister company to Midwest Railcar Repair, we are able to take advantage of their capabilities to repair, re-build or re-configure almost any type of freight car, thus adding flexibility to our fleet.


They also stand ready to assist outside contacts with any repair, re-build or maintenance program.


Value Added Services


Carmath, Inc. offers the following services to railroads, shipper and other transport providers including a wide variety of leasing solutions:


Per Diem


Operating leases, net or full service

Sale / leasebacks






Hopper Cars

Tank Cars

Coal Cars

Side Dumps

Pressure Differential Cars

Other Specialty Cars



Markets / Industries Served


Forest Products


Petrochemicals / Chemicals



Consumer Goods



24,000 gal., non-coiled/non-insulated, top & bottom unloading, interior linings.





60', 100-ton box car with double plug doors.





14.7 psi PD car - 3,915 cu. ft. covered hoppers.




2,900 cu. ft. aluminum bodied. Currently configured as sparger cars but willing to convert to gravity outlet gates. Cars have 268k Gross Rail Load, giving them a Load Limit in the area of 225,000 lbs.





7,000 cu. ft. woodchip hopper car.





52' 6" IL X 9' 6" IW X 5' IH, 2494 cu. ft., 263k Gross Rail Load.





4750 cu. ft., aluminum bodied, circular roof hatches, gravity outlet gates, average load limit 209,900 lbs.




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