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Broken Ribs...

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Alright update...


Today I was feeling pretty good, my ribs still hurt and I got a pretty gross bruise but its faded to a yellowish color. I thought, maybe I can work out today since I have been taking it really easy. Went to go to Farmer's carries with 45 plates around a basketball court, first time they hurt a little and I just Ranger through that shit. Second time, *SNAP* *POP* and I can not breathe and I almost pass out from the pain. Now I am sitting at my desk crying like a little girl, tomorrow I am going to see the doctor and get some real meds instead of these asprin I am eating like M&M's

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I know that, with ribs, there isn't much they can do as far as helping the healing process, but you have to be careful of infection with any broken bone. I got banked a little over a year ago, and shit broke my jaw clean in two places. basically a 3 or 4 tooth segment of my jaw was floating. I was being unreasonable, and didn't want to go to the hospital because i wasn't even trying to have my jaw wired, so i sat on it for 3 and a half days untill i caved...

doctors and nurses were all telling me i was crazy for not getting my ass to the hospital when it happened. They were telling me that any injury, broken bones in my case, that is near vital organs, if untreated, can kill you if infection spreads. i dunno, i'm not a doctor, but they definitely weren't just passively telling me this shit, they seemed pretty adamant about it.


whatever, good luck with that shit.

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