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Broken Ribs...

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Are the gift that keeps on giving. I broke my ribs about two years ago and it was the worst thing ever. Well a week ago I got hit on the same side I broke my ribs on...and it hurts just like I broke them again. It hurts to sneeze, twist, and its tender to the touch. I heard from people that when you break a rib it is easy to break or crack them again...whatever it is, it fucking sucks. It sucks more cause I tend to toss around in my sleep and it hurts like a bitch


ouch :(

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With ribs you just kind of have to wait it out and try not to re-fuck it.


It hurt everytime i took a breathe for about 2 weeks till i kind of forgot about the pain.


The worst thing is, i somtimes get terrible back pains and i think it's from how the bones fused back.


Good luck with them craps.

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i once had a rib broken on each side of me, couldnt sleep right for months. got jumped, but the worst part was waiting for my skull to heal cause they hit me with bricks. some pussy's cant one on one fight.


a brick? who just carries around a brick? thats messed up

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I got punched in the chest by a fellow oontzer a few years ago.

It broke my rib.

The next morning my chest hurt so bad that I thought it was ill effects from too much cocaine the night before.

I laid on the couch one day, went to the hospital a few days later.

My mom told me to stop being such a sissy baby and get to the yard and start pitchforkin' the gardens.

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