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My parents were awesome.

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I was thinking about my grandparents dying today.

What that was like for my parents.

I cant imagine what my kids will feel like.

When its my parents.

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I have some awesome pics of my mum from the 60s and 70s proper hippy chick it is funny to look back, not so fond of the ones of my dad mainly cos I don't get on with him but he looks equally as hippy like. Their wedding photo always cracks me up, my mum in a long floral dress with flowers in her hair and my dad in patchwork denim flares with a clue velvet jacket on!

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on that mick jagger note - a desperate smile on his face while his girl leans away from him & into a rock star, clinging to her with one arm. not that cool










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I like this. Thanks for sharing it.







These are mine.


Aunt. She has a thing with wolves, lions, and Niagara falls.

It's all she paints.





other aunt and Ma.



My great aunt, grand mother, grandpa.

They had a party for my dad when he came back

from the military. Something happened where

he got delayed so he came home day after the party.

It didnt keep the old farts from having a good time.



My father.



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i dont have any pics of my mother of father or anything..kinda sad i wish i did.but my mom looks like a mix of rosanne and the grandma from the george lopez show hahaha.its uncanny the resemblance of these two women to my mother.



EDIT: also.this picture is hilarious i think.


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