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four loko is racist

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I would seriously fuck with this shit


Worst hangover ever...


I was working a graveyard shift and decided to have a party after work. The fridge was full of 40oz evil eye, and a bottle of tequila in the freezer for my ex-boss to make margaritas cause thats all she would drink. I met my girlfriend that morning.

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Never seen this stuff,but from this description:


If you want to get an idea of what Four Loko does to you, get a 40 of High Gravity or Camo and a Monster then slam both of them as fast as you can. That might come close, but there's nothing like the secret additive in Four Loko that completely ruins your coordination. I've seen seasoned boozers get tits up roaring drunk off two or three cans, yelling nonsense, laying on the ground, peeing their pants and doing the full bug.


I think Id like to try it.

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yea i seen my boy drink one of these in about 45 seconds and he blacked out and went to his class. the teacher after class pulled him aside and said that he was gonna have to report him for his language, and attitude. i asked him how bad he was cussing, and he said he doesnt really remember anything, he just remembers going to the cvs next door and picking up a 4 pack of busch pounders on break lol. good times.

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one is just enough for me. 2 would probably give me the diabeetus and make me shit myself.


yea i puked off 1 and a half. just too much sugar it doesnt sit too good with me. and for people who never had one, if you ever have had a JOOSE before, its kinda like that just twice the power and kick.

" i love it.....errry body love it. "

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I can't drink Joose. It lacks the Spazahol™ that Four Loko contains and seems to just make me surly till I black out.


And I just realized everyone is all about the watermelon...I'm partial to the fruit punch, it's not bad when it's cold and carbonated. Problem is, you have to drink it pretty fast before it goes ass on you. Watermelon tears my stomach up and makes me poop green the next day.


I remember when people were shocked to see how much Sparks I drank when I was kicking drugs...they said it was really bad for me. Little did they know that there was something even more crucial waiting in the wings.

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You know what though, I wish I could get drunk that easy. God bless you.


Unfortunately the years of heavy drinking have already started taking their toll on my body, and I already have quite the tolerance to show for it. I'm looking at $100 bar tabs and not even being that drunk for a very, very long time

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