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Android phone apps sharing.


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Make sure you get Layer too. It's an awesome augmented reality app. And it's constantly getting awesome new features...


my work is dropping att and im getting an evo 4g. pretty stoked.


they are sold out I just dropped AT&T for sprint but had to take a samsung moment as a loaner

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I just got me the cliq slider version, it was a little tricky figuring out the OS. now that I got most of it down I will say the phone and OS destroys the ifone.


Some apps I like...


Photobuckets- posting pics on Ch0

Pandora- a must unless you are chump

SmsPopup- for longer notification while on vibrate mode

Speed Test- let's me know how fast my internets is

PhotoshopMobile- for my image tweaking needs

Caller Id Faker- Calling friends with their phone#

Uninstaller- removes crappy apps like droidscale

Best of Arnold Vol1- nipples are sensative clip is win

Android Market- need not explain


+ some.

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i dunno if its just her phone or the droid factor but my girls Lg Eve is absolute trash.


thing sends random multiple old repeat messages constantly. like 5 in a row. she complained about it and received a new one last week. the repeat messaging has not stopped.


i now reffer to them as 'Drepeats.


shits garbola.

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should have gone with htc or motorola.


On my phone, i have:


Cubed (3) music player, but might get rid of it




Scanner Radio(awesome police scanner app)

Money Manager (pretty cool money managing, very simple)

Handcent SMS (best sms program)

GPS Status

IMBD movies

Gem Miner (addictive little game)


File Manager


Stop Watch

Flash 10.1 Beta

Google Maps

The weather channel

Colornote Notepad



Damn you were able to get flash, what phone are you using? I'm gonna be fucking stoked the day I can finally get that app,

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The few things to keep in mind when getting a phone is what version O.S. it ships with( go with 2.1 or 2.2) unless your going to root. One of the problems with the Android OS is how many phone have it and some are going to be left in the dust when it comes to upgrade(again not a problem if you are going to root).


1gz processor min., front facing camera(if your into video calls), expandable SD slot(they make up to 32gb micro). all this will affect how smooth your phone will run. It's all in the details and if your going to throw $200, might ass well get the best one you can find.


Also make sure to check what an app. has access to before you install, some are very invasive.


good site, http://androidforums.com/

nerd tv, http://cnettv.cnet.com/live/android-atlas-weekly/

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i LOVE my HTC. i have the hero.

i'd think you could hook your phone up with an FM transmitter (if it fits your phone) but i still use my ipod for sumpin.




of course maps and sky map


scanner radio

droid secure (locates your phone if you've lost it by sounding an alarm, also will text you with the phone's location)


huntington post, cbs and bbc news


ink pad

sky maps









aldiko (book reader)


weather channel


mine are pretty standard, i haven't found any earth shatterinly cool apps ..yet.

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