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Get $30 for E_B_A's new album cover

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I'm posting this on 12oz, Bombing Science and PureGraffiti.


I've pretty much wrapped up my newest album, "Analog Robots Stole My Pants." I want to put one more song and a skit on there and the track listing may change a bit. We'll see.


It's an all turntablist freak show sort of thing with no emcee's but lots of stupidity on the one's and two's.


You can download what I have done for free here:




That said, I didn't make this thread to pimp the album.


I want to pay someone $30. It could be anyone who can draw half-way decent and does something creative. I'm not interested in out-right graphic design. I'd like artwork.


Here's the rules:


1) I need a decently high-res, no bullshit digital copy. I'm not asking you to mail me the art. Just digitally post something big enough that if I were to one day print it out, it'd look okay and not all pixelated. That also means the photo or scan has to be clear, not blurry, and decently cropped or croppable.


2) You have to have Paypal so I can send you the money. I've already completed the transfer on my end so the money is ready to go once you are judged the winner. This is $30 American so your exchange rate may vary. I'm not completely certain on the Paypal policies regarding inter-country currency exchanges. Sorry... But anyone from any country can enter as long as they can accept the money through Paypal.


3) The deadline is December 19th, 2009 and all entries should be linked up in this thread or sent to me somehow. I'll be the final judge but I may take several entries and put it to a vote if I'm not certain. That will also be done on all three sites (yes, that's three chances to vote too).


4) Having the album title and "E_B_A" (notice the underscores are part of the name) on the cover is a definite plus.


5) Obviously it needs to be CD dimensions, which are square. I didn't give actual sizes because I can resize it myself. It just needs to be approximately squarish. You can do a rectangular piece if you want but take the fold into account and the fact that I'm using it for mp3 player art and potentially getting them printed out for friends and whatnot to stuff in a jewel case.


6) I promise not to take crew affiliations and/or my personal opinion of people one way or the other into account. Friend or foe, all are invited to take a stab at it. Bullshit entries will be ignored but all serious entries will be considered.


If there are problems or situations, I will post more updates to this thread. I can't guarantee someone won't come up with something I didn't think about here to fuck up a simple contest.


What you don't have to do:


1) The art doesn't have to be graff related.


2) I'd prefer very little computer work. I don't mind some but don't go overboard. Nothing all digital.



4) It doesn't have to stick to the theme or sound of the album, but I do suggest listening to it at least once to get a feel for where I'm at.


I realize $30 isn't a lot of money. I know. But it's a lot of money for me right now. This isn't a commercial enterprise. I just felt like it's shitty to have a contest for my personal album cover and not have something to reward people for it.


So, yeah... there you go.

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