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flash 101

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ummm........ifanyone can help, i too have a flash queston, and too lazy

to scroll down the last topic seeking started....


-how do i import say an illustrator path, have it morph into something

...i wanna shape tween things, but have been limited in what ive

worked with....

i just want to be able to work with things ive done in photoshop and

illustrator and make them look natural in my animations.....


and if thats not enough, how do u make a quick LOADING animation

to ocuppy people biting their nails....

I KNOW IM ASKING FOR ALOT.....but whoever can help

good looking out.....

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

HAHA, of all people, he asks SEEKING for help... hahaha, j/k



Importing stuff from Illustrator to Flash is as simple as selecting your path/shape in Illustrator, copying, then going into Flash and pasting it. It gets pasted as a group, so you have to break it apart (ctrl-B) until it, uh, gets broken apart. Then you add a shape tween (as opposed to a motion tween) to the frame the shape is pasted on, then go a couple of frames ahead and paste/create another shape. The first shape should now tween into the second. For more precise tweening, you add shape hints, which will frustrate you so much you will undoubtedly burn your computer and toss it under a speeding bus before you finish.



Your second question is just plain retarded, I'm sorry. Pick up a good tutorial book and you'll be set. Beer,


El mamerro

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"burnt the 'puter and by god, i tossed it under a speeding bus goddamnit!!!!"


execellent description of frustration right there mammero. this beer's for you...



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to make a 'loading' thing, just make it, then set it as the first thing to run, and have it cycle until the thing fully loads, theres a function for it in the 'actions' menu...

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good looks seeking....


any help with how i can import an illustrator file and play with it? can i shape tween an illustrator file?

i know i want the cake and eat it too, but if u can help....much love

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