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Pornbooth's 12itter Thread

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I dont do the twitter but I hang out on here and I often come across things I would like to share with fellow interwebs users. I admit not everything will be amusing and or accepted by other 12oz members. This is a thread about things I find interesting, funny, arousing, lame, ridiculous, cool, shocking, totally awesome, or straight up stupid. Although most of you (hopefully not) will hate this thread, its cool, I dont give a fuck about your negs. I will be completely open to conversation and criticism without being umad?


I will post random shit including stories, pics, vids, news articles, and whatever else I find that I want to share that is not thread worthy.

















































Tonight I walked into my roommates bar, I hardly ever go there cause its full of douche bags but they do have awesome shows (the latest was the Revival Tour) lots of hip hop, indie, and punk. Kanye West recently made a secret appearance there at the dilated peoples show after he played the arena.

Anyways I walked in and ran into a group of old friends I haven't seen in a while, they are pretty much the reason I am in portland to this day. It was awesome to see some of them, the group included...


a good frend, Justin Inman




partner in crime



that might be a tampon gun holding his beer Im not really sure ^







and the myth, the LEGEND, Chris Moeller, owner of s&m bikes




they were all there along with the many other bad ass bmxers




















I find the smoothness of this vagina to be awesome, it kind of reminds me of smoked clams, i think. Im not really sure tho if I got that right.


9051smooooooth.jpgAdult Image Hosting



















5483funny0472.jpgAdult Image Hosting



I will try to update at least every couple days.....

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this guy doesn't look like he needs a partner in crime, he looks like a fun guy though no homo.


and smoked clams aren't smooth.

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it is fun for sure


i rode for most of my life i stopped in the last couple years cause my knees fucking hurt




ill look around on the webz for any of my video parts






this lady owns the smooth vagina from the earlier post


6270smooooooth2.jpgAdult Image Hosting

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im still young at heart :heartbeat:


i cant come up with anything, I was in this video its from the early 2000's this clip is my homie jeremy.... fucking savage




at ITS time BLUEPRINT sold more copies than any other bmx video, big ups to Shad for making it

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Porn, didn't know you rode. ^ That dude's killing the rails man... tough shit.


I was always inspired by Steven Hamiltons part in Can I Eat. That was probably the last video i bought when i rode. Dude's ridiculous.

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