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I've been interested in this dudes work for the past few years, or when ever it was HATER. sent me a link to the Canzo preview. I kind of forgot about him but just recently checked out his newest videos on Vimeo.




Anybody else know this dude? I called him last summer to try and get an invite to see a viewing of Canzo Emperyean and he said yeah (I was pretty drunk so I forgot exactly what he said but it was a weird way of saying yes) it would be in the Bronx but never got back to me about it and I heard rumors he ended up showing it in Detroit or something.



Well anyway, for those who never heard of him he made a movie and decided to only show it in Monrovia, Liberia which is one of the most dangerous places in the world so I don't plan on ever going there.



I think a lot of his short films are entertaining and pretty funny.



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From what I have read in the past month there will be one more showing of conzo and then the film will be destroyed I'm guessing this is just a publicity stunt Ive been dying to see it forever

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I might make an exception to my "no hallucinogenics" rule if I can get a hold of a copy of this.


I read this on a blog-


I also read that you can get a signed, watermarked copy of the DVD if you send in proof of having spraypainted 25 different places with the Canzo Empyrean symbol. Where you send your proof I don't know.


Which sounds pretty easy, so we should look into this.

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From an interview...


F – Did you ever hear about this madman, climbed the Brooklyn bridge about three years ago?


A – I only started living in the city recently.

F – Well, its not like it was huge news, but some people knew about it – people definitely who were trying to get to work that morning at least(Laughter). You see, I think that making work that’s so close to yourself – it becomes a rite of passage. Putting yourself through some physical test in tandem with a film shoot, for example. It heightens your artistic instincts. It makes all the actors immediately attach to their present moment. I mean, no one loses their focus on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. You stop thinking about craft services. You start thinking about the fucking heart of the thing your making. This is a Canzo.

A – Don’t stop there.

F – A Canzo is a rite of passage. For me, the Canzo should be at the heart of the human experience. We’ve become so sequestered, so infinitely bored. We can download anything, find anything, watch anything, and we don’t even have to fight or get off our asses for it. And we’re dissolving on the inside. The Canzo is what resuscitates us. If it’s a hamburger in Washington Heights, if it’s a lizard in Vietnam, if it’s a woman, the quest is an enormous part of all of my work. The environment alters your entire experience. When I was in Yemen and I heard some radicals were about ten minutes away and coming to kidnap me – seriously – things tasted a little bit different.

A – Jesus. So, one Canzo is in the making of the film. Climbing the Brooklyn bridge for a shot – did you actually do that?

F – We can talk about that later.






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I can't believe 12 oz is sleeping on Bronx Flavor...it's amazing.


The Baron reminds me of a cross between Anthony Bourdain, Ron Burgundy, and a Puerto Rican pimp.

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