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Yo, son how elemental is this?

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I am here in Germany.

I own a ill North Face Gortex jacket.

It was uncalled for tonight seeing as it is still fall.

I was wearing a hoody/thin denim jacket combo.


With skin tight jeans and high top bright colored Adidas.


This dude walked into the bar carrying a Puma duffle bag and being mad hip hop in a not mad hip hop bar.

He proceeded to canvass the bar and then settled on a table adjacent to a group of half drunk ladies taking too many photos of their night out at the bar.

He then pulled out his black book and started to do rap drawings in a book that (by the pages he flipped through that I could see from one table away) was only rap drawings in black Sharpie and nothing else.

I think he was trying to impress ladies with his dope street art skillz....he failed.


This mad hip hop dude also made creepy eye contact with me for too long for a few times through out the night.


With all this said...I am still bummed that I don't have a plate of french fries and two more beers.

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So did you play it off? "Naw, we're from Texas, hyuck hyuck hyuck. We don't have none of them graffitis out there, it's God's country and we keep our nigras in line...and by the way son, you all got to be one of the highest color nigras I ever seen."

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motivational posters and actually typing FACEPALM........please stop and desist.








on a side note i went to see gwar and lamb of god last night.

i had never seen an all female pit until this night and it was the most vicious brutal thing i had ever witnessed.......and i think i got a chubby

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Smart writers, and criminals in general, keep their activities on the low down. going around in any public place, showing off the fact that you take part in any sort of illicit activity is just asking for unwanted attention, be it openly drawing in a blackbook to try to get attention or loudly talking about the drugs you sold/did. That shit is for amateurs who want fame and will probably end up with jail time/probabation and/or fines and criminal records.

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ima try that later tonight, maybe it will score me some hipster vag....


on that note, i wonder if hipsters chicks straighten, layer, and dye their pubes to match their hair? i mean you wouldnt be the coolest person around if you didnt.

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