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Motorolla Quickstrike Contest --FREE V.I.P

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Motorolla Quickstrike Challenges:


FREE MONTH VIP for anyone who wants to participate..... see below


click here.. http://www.12ozprophet.com/

click on Motorola Ad Blur Ad on any of the 12oz pages.


find the Tech Specs link

1. What food is listed next to the Android 1.5 icon


Now find the All Products link, click it.

find the What is Android FAQ link, click it.

2. Copy and paste the "How is Android Different?" section.


Now find the Motoblur link

watch the See it video.


3. What is one of the names on the phone at the end of the video?


if you don't get it right you will not get the free month….


PM your answers back to me...


contest ends 30 minutes from post dated time.



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