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Without the support of our advertising partners, 12ozProphet can't continue to grow. In fact, without their support it'll be hard enough to just maintain this place as it is. There are a lot of sites out there they can choose to advertise with, but in this case they've picked ours. Please support the companies that support us by showing them some love so they'll continue advertising with 12ozProphet. Steady advertising will ensure that we can continue growing and building out content and sections that'll make your stay on here that much more fun, so show some support...




Help support our advertisers, and get free VIP access for a month.


Here's how:


1. Click on GAME STOP banner when you see one.


2. Click the PlayStation 3 tab at the top of the page.


3. Click on Assassin's Creed II


4. Copy and paste the first paragraph of the BONUS section into a private message.


5. Then go to the XBOX 360 page and click on LEFT 4 DEAD 2.


6. Copy and paste the STREET DATE GUARANTEE into the same PM as above.


7. Now go to the Nintendo Wii page, under the accessories section, go into controllers and tell me how much the Wii PERFECT SHOT is for sale.


This contest will end at 1:30pm EST today 11/5/09 .




Support our advertisers to keep this site running.




Do not post answers in this thread, PM me to win.

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This forum is supported by the 12ozProphet Shop, so go buy a shirt and help support!
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
all i see is miller lite in the city


There will be a contest for this ad as well. The computer I'm on right now only gets the Gamestop ads for some reason, but I've got a friend working on a contest for the Miller ones as well. Keep your eyes posted.



Thanks to all those who supported this, and as always, tell your friends and neighbors to come on the site and support the ads, but not the mac store.

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