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that is hilarious.


i can't imagine the kinds of molesters that would show up to those

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You will need to call the party line between 4pm and 8pm on the day of the party you wish to attend. You may call between 8pm and 11pm if space is available. Just ask us for an invitation. The party starts at 8 PM on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Please arrive between 8 P.M. and 12 P.M.. The party ends around 3 A.M.. You must obtain your invitation by phone before proceeding to the party house.

NUDITY: The format for the party is that the men must be totally nude, the ladies wear lingerie or can go nude. We have a locker room where you change before entering the party. Please...no street clothes will be allowed past the locker room.


BYOB: Bring whatever you would like to drink at the party. Only bring enough to drink at the party because you can not take anything out when you leave. We provide the cups and ice but please bring your own mixers.

TOWELS: The club has a spa for you to enjoy. Please bring your own towel.

CONDOMS: Please bring your own condoms.

FOOTWEAR: Men may wear sandals or beach thongs as footwear, as desired.

Women may wear high heels shoes, or sandals, as desired.

SMOKING: There is a smoking room area. No drinks or smoking in the back rooms.

NO MEANS NO: If you ask someone to dance or to party and they say no, don't ask again. Really. If they change their mind, they will ask you. No touching or joining without permission. Ignoring this rule will cause you to be removed from the house.


PHONE #S: NO EXCHANGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: No exchange of phone numbers or other personal contact information.

OUTSIDE: NO MEETINGS OUTSIDE: You cannot leave with someone you did not come in with. No meeting outside the Club.

RE-ENTRY: NO RE-ENTRY: After you leave the party, you cannot re-enter the club.

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There used to be a a couple of guys at my old work who did this kind of shit.

Crazy cunts. They would always talk about it as though it might sound appealing, but when you actually consider it, it is like, ffffuuuuuck that.

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they have a club like that up here in vancouver. single dudes cant just show up though, you gotta come with a chick or have an invite from another member.



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