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Ambient, dark electronic Music Thread

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we have hardcore and ~had~ hip hop as well as drum n bass/dub step and electro.


now ambience. the genre is pretty broad so any ambience elitists forgive me if what i post is not completely what you expect. what i really mean is dark kind of minimal music.


Jesper Kyd.

this guy did the soundtrack for all the Hitman Games, as well as a few others.








the ever popular Aphex Twin



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXyIB2L52Dc (lol)









Craig Armstrong






post em if you got em



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Autechre ofcourse




Don't know what you think about different noise and how it fits into this thread, but there's a whole world of it out there too

For example I reaaally like this track... with my headphones... with bass... and treble... in the night... in the mornings... harrrrrrrrrr...


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wow nice!


lcd sound system - something great


tones on tail - twist


the horrorist - one night in new york city


fpu - crockets theme


these are a few right off the top of my head....

youtube is down right now but be sure ill be back with all these tracks search them on itunes.

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Secret Frequency Crew- The Underwater Adventure Hop Secret Treasure EP, Forest Of The Echo Downs Album (I dunno if that qualifies, but the ep was in the 12oz store a while back.)

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I wouldn't really call Four Tet dark or ambient, but neither is a lot of the stuff posted so far. I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, but i have a shit ton of electronic stuff that most definitely doesn't fall into house/dnb/various other categories of that sort. I'm not great with genres though, especially when it comes to electronic music, but i have a lot of other random shit to add if people want. I can upload too with some of the harder to find albums.

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While Ulver started as a Folk Black Metal band their later stuff became wholly ambient/avant garde type shit. Gunna be a hit or a miss for you guys, no real in between.








Coil is another awesome Dark Ambient group








*Disclaimer: The aforementioned groups incorporate a vast amount of other genres yet I consider them both predominately Dark Ambient. Both groups will jump genres between whole albums/songs

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Between Zombi, and Hella there are no other two piece bands that do it better, saw these dudes in philly a few years back and it blew my mind.

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I wanna put up some other groups I consider to be Dark Ambient but I'm not sure it will be well received because they are not technically slumped in with purely DarkAmbiance.



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