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Overtoun Bridge...where prehistoric whales go to die.


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No one ever questioned that sea mammals evolved from dog like mammals. DAO's original statement was that "Whales evolved from wolves", hence why everyone is still laughing about it






I wasn't the one who brought up wolves. I said it evolved from a dog.

As in a "dog like animal".


If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog and barks like a dog....

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I'm not saying that in any way, shape, or form. Can you read?


Dogs are descendants of wolves, specifically the grey wolf. I think everyone knows that. However, that does not make a "dog like mammal", the exact same thing as a wolf


"Dog" is a blanket name for canines.

Domestic dogs evolved from wolves.

Domestic dogs are canines.

Wolves are canines.

Canine means "dog".

Therefore wolves are dogs.

This isn't fucking rocket science, yet somehow you think that "dog" only covers domestic dogs.


Are tribal head hunters who run barefoot in the jungle hunting monkeys and other humans not "humans"???

Or are they "homosapiens", but not people?

Seriously... your argument that wolves and coyotes are not dogs just because they're not a domesticated breed is one of the most retarded things I've ever read on here.

That shit's right up there with Tease thinking he can knock a bitch up by nutting in her mouth. :dunce:

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"No dumbass....

A wolf is a wolf...

a Shitzu is a Shitzu...

They're not fucking dogs...

Scoobie Doo is the only real dog..."


:dunce: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce:


This is what you said in this very thread:


(There's also alot of idiots on here who seem to think that dogs and wolves are two entirely different animals)


I just posted the same animal twice according to you, because dogs and wolves are the same animal.

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Dogs and wolves ARE the same fucking animal.

The same animal as a fucking shitzu.


I see sarcasm flies completely over your head.


there are different species of dogs and different species of wolves.

thus, they are not the same animal. in the same way that a german shephard and a rottweiler are not the same animal. a grey wolf and a timber wolf are not the same animal. a dog and a wolf, are not the same animal, they are both canines, but you have canine teeth in your head too. does this make you a dog or a wolf? no, it doesn't.

any asshole with highschool biology would know this.

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I have canine teeth in my head?














But look, how the fuck does that even correlate to the argument. Canine teeth and the Canine Family are two totally different topics.





and how exactly do you think that scientific classification is done ....

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