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Hollywood is Calling!

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"How is Hollywood Is Calling able to get celebrities to participate in this service at such affordable prices?


The vast majority of our celebrities are not motivated by financial reasons when it comes to this project. Their extraordinary achievements have made them tremendously popular all across the globe and they believe that our patented new service is a great way for them to stay in touch with their growing fan base. It's also a lot of fun."

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Z-LIST like a motherfucker!!


I want captain spalding to call and wish me a Happy Halloween!!




some of them are totally worth the 20 bucks tho. Fucking lazer? Bennett from commando? and the girl from sleepaway camp??? that fucking rules.. OH and larenzo lamas


so many lawlz.

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I scrolled the first page and didn't recognize 90% of the people. The only ones who jumped out were The Hulk, Mr. Belding, and a few dudes from the Sopranos


same, except i knew who kane hodder and the dude from house of 1000/devils rejects were. thats a weird site ha.

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Sid Haig


House Of A 1000 Corpses, Jackie Brown, Boris and Natasha, Foxy Brown, Black Mama White Mama, THX 1138, Alias Smith and Jones, Diamonds Are Forever


Availability Status: Unavailable Today



I KNOW one of you fools is responsible for this

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