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Human Flesh Search Engines

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These guys really make the internet serious business.


They have the Chinese government SHITTING themselves. They have been responsible for heaps of those fuckers losing their jobs for corruption.


They'll find pictures of officials wearing an expensive watch, smoking expensive cigarettes (you wouldn't believe how expensive smokes can get here with some "prestigious" brands) or taking holidays on the public purse. Officials here, being a communist country (by name only) are supposed to be "of the people" and get paid modestly. However this is the most corrupt country in the world and they make fucking squillions through bribery, kickbacks, dodgy investing and blackmail. Then the idiots like to show everyone how powerful and rich they are by buying expensive shit and flaunting it.


I'm fucked if I know how they get these photos but it is suspected that there is a fair amount of the haxoring involved. These human flesh search engines then publish these pics in online forums and notice boards (that are fucking MASSIVE here) and next thing you know you have a massive ground-swell of people demanding the sacking and charging of some corrupt official.


Now they are branching in to simple social vigilanteism. It's a fucking snowball that is getting bigger and faster and attempts to shut it down have caused more trouble than what it is was worth. There are a huge amount of unbelievable stories concerning human flesh search engines in China and how they are ripping shit up here. But instead of creating a wall of text I'll leave it at:



CASEK, you best be picking your game up!!





All it takes is a silly little beat down clip to be posted online and these dudes are on the fucking street!! REALLY fucking interesting as to where this sill lead in a few years....., thinking of the all the cop beatdowns, tazings and shootings I see out of the US and how little happens due to them.


Video of violent beating causes school protest



The posting of a video of a school girl violently attacking another girl resulted in about 200 people gathering in the front of the girls' school yesterday afternoon to show their anger and demand that the school severely punish the attacker.


On Friday, a video clip titled "Shanghai girl beaten" was first released on the video-sharing website Ku6. The five-minute clip, shot with a mobile phone videocamera, shows the attacker furiously beating another girl - slapping her face, and kicking her in the waist and belly.


The video was then released on other major websites and online forums over the weekend. Netizens began searching the Internet for the attacker's personal details such as her name, her school, and her home address. People discovered that the attacker went to school at a branch of the Shanghai Nanhu Vocational School in the Hongkou district.


Some of the angry netizens published all the girl's personal information on the Internet.


Then they decided to launch a mass protest yesterday, and spread the announcement of the protest through KDS, a regional forum popular among netizens in Shanghai, and chatrooms of Baidu was well.


During the protest, the protesters shouted, "The school needs to apologize to the public."


"She can't just beat the poor girl. She has to pay for it," said a boy in his 20s, who did not want to reveal his name.


Protesters put a huge poster of an angry face on the main gate of the school.


Students of the school, apparently frightened by the mass gathering, chose to stay inside their classrooms even when the school day was over. About 20 policemen soon rushed to the site to keep the chaos under control.


Sun Xiaofeng, a teacher from the school, said the school's headmaster had visited the home of the attacker, whose surname is Xiong. In the video, she goes by a nickname "Sister Xiong".


"Everything is under investigation. We are not sure about anything so far," she added.


"She is a nice girl usually, and we can't imagine why she had this violent behavior," said Qiao Renguo, a security guard for Xiong's community.


The beating is believed to have arisen from jealousy over a boyfriend's affections.










PS, may not be overly interesting to many of you, may have been better posted in Crossfire. But I know that there are a number of you here that think yourselves half decent at the interwebs. These guys are all over you.



And that doesn't even begin with how the government is picking up the best and the brightest and paying them to bust up your Govt and military!!



Srz Bznz!!






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Anything that results in embarrasment of Chinese gov. Officials is good with me.

I'm not to stoked on protesting kids fighting though, kids fight, big deal.

You would think there are better things to protest there.

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Also, that's really not a prime example of haxoring skill.

I was expecting something better.

Casek's throne is safe for now.

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i dont understand the term human flesh search engine.



i have never heard the term netizen either

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