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is it possible that...

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

Maybe you never saw this,


I got a "crazy story 'bout almost gettin' "bopped" taggin'"

pants saggin'

pulled out the black Magnum

as I ran down the hall to the nearest bathroom stall

and proceeded trying to hit up the wall

My name is ENOS

here to stand tall

I'll never fall

hey, how come my name isn't on your role call?

first of all,let me tell you why

half the people on this board wish you would just curl up and die

why try?

don't even front like you can rhyme

last I heard,LL said he was the Greatest Of All Time

you just take lines and try to rearrange them

ABC's...mutherfucker 123's

you have to be the wackest MC ever

your wordplay isn't even clever

whatever..if you want to start "beef"

I'll roast ya

C'mon No Limit Soldja

if you say you're flossin'

man, you probably don't live anywhere near Boston

I'm tired of watchin' you drop fake shit

like when you said "See this rap game..well I made it"

I don't even think your parents would have mated

if they knew you were about to be created

in my opinion I feel they should have waited

how can you hold weight when you're weightless

my advice is you better take this

for what it's worth

before I bury you 6 feet below the Earths'

surface you're worthless

probably never amount to nothin'

you need to stop frontin'

before I hit you so hard it leaves you with mental concussion..

take that into consideration

next time you think you rhyme with lyrical innovation...

...there, have I got my point across

you should listen to the responses in those other threads...

and get lost..

Freestyle Sessions Thread in Channel Zero, rhymes from 455. funny stuff. good stuff.

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im too drunk to get it...does he get dissed or get props?

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Guest 455

You would have to read the rhyme Enos posted in the Freestyle Session thread...no,he did not get any props..I wrote that in response to his garbage...

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