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tinychat dao twinky porn cocks dao dao dao tinychat tinychat "this aren't the way they used to be" tinychat tpwf fuck cops



can we keep the thread open now?

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I don't have a caption or commentary, but I wrote a little song, wanna hear it, here it is goes...



"It's gay, it's gay, it's cock, it's shaft, it's balls, It's gay, It's gay, spraying semen on the walls" It's big it's fleshy, it's wood! The bigger, the better, it's good! It's gay It's gay, jizzim yes it will spray, It's gay, It's gay, homos on display!!!!!!!! Hurray!"




ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Thank you, Thank you very much.


/no homo

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