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northside writer

Asked a Religious Friend a Few Questions

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So i went to high school with this really religious and preachy girl..

now if you're religious then fine thats ur thing just keep it to you dont preach to me but she always would so i decided to ask some questions..


If Jesus is God, and God got Mary pregnant, then Jesus got his own mother pregnant?



no no no



why not



its god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit, and they are like 3 in one. Jesus is the physical encarnation of god and the holy spirit was the one who places the child in Mary's womb



and jesus said some of his contemporaries who be around when he returned... how there aall dead?


so the holy spirit without marys consent put a baby in her.. sounds like rape



no she was a christian and gave herself fully to god and he told her that she would become pregnant and she would give birth to the son of god.. that not rape thats such an honor to give birth to the one that died for our sins



how was she christian before christ was born? and how was she christian was jesus was jewish?


when jesus was jewish""





Well before jesus came they already knew that he was coming and they worshiped god. back then since god hadnt died for out sins yet, anyone that sinned was punised and all of the laws were strict and they would have to sacrifice and animal. After jesus died on the cross for us he is like our lawyer, when we do something wrong he asks god to have mercy on us because he knows what temps the human flesh.



but that doesnt really answer my questions..



ok the question was?



they were jewish not christian


how was mary a christian before christ?


and jesus was jewish so how could his mother be a christian we he was christ?



i know the answer but i dont wanna give you the wrong information hun


can i get back to you on that?





Thought it was funny.

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My childhood friend/neighbor became a christian pastor, i kept asking him questions like that till he felt stupid and then offered to fly me out to speak to his grand master. Ask them about dinosaurs.

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yeah thats where i got some of the shit to shut her up.. mentioned the egyptian god horus and shit..


What crazy is that in the movie not a single person is prepared. I mean fuck dude, Bill Maher is coming to interview you, have some answers ready.

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once someone goes all religious on me its a wrap. They dead to me.

I aint tryin to hear shit else. No mas comprende. Believing in some higher

power type shit is all good. So long as i dont have to hear about it.... Soon as

they try convincing me of some shit tho... I feel like im talking to a

mentally handicapped person

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ive actually had some decent talks with the mormon missionaries, but the good talks def are the minority of my run ins with them. ive even once had them offer to buy me a slurpee to talk with me.

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like doggy.... how the fuck am i supposed to have a logical discussion with you

when you believe in stuff that makes no sense, is physically impossible, and

I could give a fuck less about. Ok a nigga walked on water and parted the sea.

Shit.... i snorted Ketaset and talked to aliens.

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