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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.


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try'na drop the Ill sketch in muh blackbook!

failing hard...


On 10/28/2021 at 10:52 AM, MOOGLE? said:

realizing i need to stop shoving my vape pen in my hoodie pocket when loafing around the house , cause i just inhaled vape juiced up lint that has the visual consistency of wet chicken nugget breading .

I've done similar with Ventolin but instead of just inhaling it you're blasting it into your lunmgs.

terrible moment

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9 hours ago, Elena Delle Donne said:

crushed.... i have followed a former coworker on instagram for two years because she has rocking tits... just got the first bikini pic in like two years and they have deflated to a shadow of their former selves. might need to unfollow 


 that's brutal when that happens

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