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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

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Wishing I had brought my camera.  Would have made a cool day in pies post but sitting in the woods drinking my 1st jar of real moonshine, straight from the still,  124 proof and smooth as hell.






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After years of messing around with extension cords and air hoses I finally gave in and picked up some cordless tools. I finally saw the light when I was helping a friend work on his car in his small c

trippin out on how big this rattlesnake is , fucker slithered too close to my wife’s childhood home . her sister spotted it and her pops clipped him edit : Was headed for the chicken coop 🐔

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staring at a campaign wondering why the fuck it will not deliver?

I've tweaked the hell out of it and thought that should do the trick 7 hours back and it's made no difference.

wondering if the reporting is broken.


 debating my future and trying to work out what dont I know that I need to know.


NOT sleeping like i should be 12:05 am here

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currently drinking some cafe bustelo scrolling through here before looking up sr-22 insurance so i can reinstate my license.. seen a video last week of a dude doing uber eats and made $8000 in one month.. 12 hour shifts but if its possible meh.. why not..🤷‍♂️ if ill end up making more than this whack ass unemployment then so be it..

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1 hour ago, ndv said:

Those sr-22s are a bunch of bull crap.  IMO I would say it constitutes as financial extortion to a certain degree. 


it is bullshit honestly.. but, apparently i need that before i can even bother paying the reinstatement fee.. then gotta wait till December 8th for the dmv's to open up again and go take the test all over again..🙄

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Helpin g money do a puzzle and talking about the space military and the 10th planet or something, artificial intelligence taking over the world and making humans slaves. This converstion is lit.20201127_151936.thumb.jpg.664e4e50af6e7d85112dcb2f72d2c816.jpg

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