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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

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After years of messing around with extension cords and air hoses I finally gave in and picked up some cordless tools. I finally saw the light when I was helping a friend work on his car in his small c

trippin out on how big this rattlesnake is , fucker slithered too close to my wife’s childhood home . her sister spotted it and her pops clipped him edit : Was headed for the chicken coop 🐔

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I am on a on-call situation and getting my post count up on the zero.


Condolences for you loss where, good to hear you had a connection, my paternal grandfather died when I was sixteen before I could really get to know him and his story and on my moms side I hardly know the man due to family estrangement over what I feel are petty and historic grievances. Both men have interesting and very different histories one an immigrant born into abject poverty the other born into relative wealth which they gradually lost over the course of their life. 




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Having a cup of coffee made with beans I got from the Lebanese store, the grind is super fine and the cup I made is is potent, along side I am having a slice of homemade apple cake. Planning a walk soon to catch the sunrise and then dealing with a number of obligations which I can hopefully meet with the correct level of enthusiasm and resolve. 

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Trying to figure out why I do not proof read before posting. But acknowledge that my mind moves faster than my fingers and fail to realize I leave words out when posting.  

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19 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

Thinking about how I spent 10+ years learning a very niche trade that may not be sustainable after covid. Ya’ll honkeys hiring?

You learned how to put mice up your butt too? nh 

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