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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

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After years of messing around with extension cords and air hoses I finally gave in and picked up some cordless tools. I finally saw the light when I was helping a friend work on his car in his small c

trippin out on how big this rattlesnake is , fucker slithered too close to my wife’s childhood home . her sister spotted it and her pops clipped him edit : Was headed for the chicken coop 🐔

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4 minutes ago, Diesu said:

Watching India v Pakistan in the World Cup Cricket.. Fair to say they don't like each other very much. Playing GTA Chinatown wars.

One of my favorite GTAs. On the DS especially. Love the drug dealing mini game

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1 minute ago, Diesu said:

Yeah its difficult to control the vehicles tho on android. Solid otherwise

Ya its a bit wonkier on mobile. Id played it on the DS years ago, was made for that so obviously controls were tighter. 

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Just went for a drive in a powerful storm because I needed to hit the chicken spot.


Watching heroes nearly die by aquaplaning through puddles at full speed is a great night sport.


Also was listening to my team have a win on the radio - I'm at that level of fan that I cannot watch it on TV because I'll likely break shit.

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booking Christmas  holiday spots. for me the wife and kids


Gonna go swim with great whites ( by swim I mean chill in the semi submersible secure in the knowledge it can't get me)


fuming because airbnb changed to USD and I paid the rate thinking it was Australian dollars.

Still a good deal but when three figures visually becomes 4 figures it makes you jump.


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