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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.


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i have the second mug in black with gold knuckles. it. kicks. ass. i would go with the white and gold, sophisticated.


Sophistication and myself has very little to do with each other. We fell out around two decades ago and never made it up.


Now I am pondering why I will never be sophisticated and think it's cos I will never, ever be the kind of lady to match her shoes to her handbag. Kicks to my dress I can handle tho.

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My bad. Hitching to Morocco, staying in south France till this kid goes back to university. We went to the beach in carnon to camp in the woods, swim, do beach things. I woke at like 5am to voices, thought nothing of it. 3 hours later we wake up to shitloads of smoke. Someone set the woods on fire right by our camp and it turned into this fucking huge fire. They shut down the whole peninsula because the smoke was too thick to drive through, so we had the beach to ourselves. They brought in this plane that carries water and had to dump two loads to put out the blaze. Probably some gypsies saw us camped, got pissed cus they wanted to camp, and torched the place. That or some retards made a fire they couldn't contain.


Did read


Just what I imagined when trying to decipher you original post.


A++ story would read again, this is the only time I won't call for the:

Pic or it didn't happen


About to go on my reg afternoon tumble weed break

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I must be sensitive, they also say wasp's are dirty little bastards so who knows what I got the infection from. You are right about the prognosis, the doc said it wasn't an allergy at all, it's an infection.


I was at my mums house in the interior of BC and there was 1000's of them, I killed about 200 during the long weekend after I was stung as getting stung was the first thing that happened to me.


Little bastards.

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