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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.


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Not long got back from physio, I'm sore and sulky. Drinking tea and smoking.


Do you yanks get 'spotted' pages for your city/towns on farcebook? It's like anonymous missed connections mixed with Jeremy Kyle. I'm trying not to read it but I can't look away.

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also, mg - that bummed me out. how selfish of you


nah, sorry to hear that



much obliged. just saw this chick at stop & shop that looked like her and almost ran up all excited, but i realized it wasn't her before i clowned myself.


now i'm just watching tv/oontzing

uncensored though.
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most amazing feeling right now!!!! Had a HUGE presentation today with some group members that didn't do shit....i didn't have my lines memorized....had 3 hours of sleep..... left my house this morning, snowing like a MOFO...so i get on the bus...get a msg from my prof that school is closed! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS



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You guys get Trisha? On behalf of the British people, I apologise. On the bright side we did allow Posh Spice to come back.



Just got back from the pub, I only stayed for one and bailed. I'm going to find a mindless film to watch and eat Chinese food on the sofa with the dogs.

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it was taylor swift in a civilian disguise. she was looking at you thinking, "i will marry this man & bring him into a world of glam, champagne, & my vag". then you got off the bus right before she was going to do all that. sucks. next time, hopefully


snowed in all day.. gonna smoke bats, eat, & doodle. laundry too, probably


thinking about how i gotta get some of my belongings back from someone tomorrow.. not looking forward to making that trip in the snow, but am at the same time


wishing i had a few beers on deck

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is it fucking up for you? tryin to post a question in the instagram thread & it wont let me


Yeah, keeps bumping me out of different threads and forcing me to log back in.


They must be trying to fix the clock and the implosion has started.


Bout to shower and go meet friends for adult beverages and other bad decisions.

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Getting shitty on nikolai 100 proof, sitting in a motel, typing this and writing on the smith corona and about to take my dog out soon and watching tv which i never do and it presents itself so well in why I never watch this fuckin idiot box. Preparing plans for tomorrow and where I may sleep

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