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What are you doing RIGHT NOW.


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Chilling on a Redwood deck overlooking South Lake Tahoe. Basically at a friends cabin, drankin' some Jager and Pacificos just straight marinating like the meat in the fridge. I'm scoping the weather radar because there's thunder $ lightning storms forecast for this evening. I love inclement weather.


T-storms stacked and ready to hit right about when all my cronies show up. I'm gonna see if anybody wants to climb up on the roof with a cooler and a few L's.


All good things.

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Sitting shotgun.


Cruising through Sactown and laughing because a couple minutes ago my boy nailed a big ass piece of a truck tire. Broke his headlight. It was loud as fuck when we hit, scared the shit out of me!


Not two miles down the highway he makes a smooth maneuver and pulls right behind an overloaded 18 wheeler hauling tomatoes. Tomaters just fucking falling out the back and sides of this shit at 70 mph. Tomato paste everywhere on ya new truck!


I'm just laughing at ya dog.

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stressing out but what else is new. I finally convinced the fam to find a new doc for my gpa. Ukno... the one i live with and homecare for. He was prescribed Tramadol for pain. I think its a step in the right direction. He is in a lot of pain. However, its having mixed result side effects. On the 1 hand its sort of helping with his presence of mind. His dementia is bad and when he takes the Tramadol hes actually more "there" up there. The downside is it turns him into kinda a prick. "i dont care about you and im not doing what you say" top tip. My mom/aunt asked me to stop giving it to him. I for 1 dont care if hes a jerk. I just ignore him mostly anyway but at this point he gets confused about things like his depends and the need to wear them or his walker and his need to use it. I rather hes acting like an asshole and wearing his depends than in pain and confused and pissing is pants. Not sure what to do except maybe not giving him the tramadol when hes going to be around other people

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