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How many of you actually buy your supplies?

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well ive been noticing im pretty low on paint and mops and what not....

so ive been looking to buy stuff online...

What online sites are trustworthy and have good prices...

or what stores and what items should i try to get.....




inb4:toy your should rack your shit..



I do steal some shit but all the spray paint is locked up behind a gate/fence of some sort.

so all i could really get are markers and shit like that....





So my questions are pretty much stated above If you could help me out that would be sick.

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To answer your question artprimo and oink are good sites to buy from I've never had any problems with them.


As said above Oink is a very reliable site to buy your graff supplys from, Its alot cheaper than my local hip hop shop so i have recently started to buy from Oink and have'nt had any problems or heard of any problems.

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paying for paint is like paying for sex.


who doesn't pay for sex? If you take a girl out to dinner its buying her a meal to go fuck you later.


Movie, flowers, anything. It's all the same. Girls are all prostitutes.

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