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this is a mess. Also why is there like an untouched buk(?) throw on the whole wall where JA, Sekt, and Star got ragged. Either way this shit is looking sus and I don't really see the reason why anyone would rag everything nice at that spot and then let a shitty throw rock on the main wall. It's pretty fucked up that the Tyke which has been rocking for YEARS as well as the Share & Decaf productions got dissed over some unrelated toy beef between, (which seems pretty apparent at this moment), between @holyfreeholy and TE.


If y'all got beef thats one thing, but ragging other writers just cause you're trying to make someone look bad is bitch shit. It's a shame to see so little respect among the two parties where you gotta diss someone else's shit just to get attention to your dumb little beef.


Fuck this, anyone else here feel me on this?


Either way I feel like this thread just lost a lot of credibility with this dumb shit. This ain't how you deal with beef...

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i was bringing light to what happened after that post was made. was really mad to see everything dissed. i do think it's odd that buk nf did have new shit rocking and assumed he went with the dude. all in all it was fucked up.


That Buk shit look dumb as fuck also… I remember when that spot used to be strictly burners and pieces too; it went from that level, to just big throws, and now to just toys running around with scraps .smdh.

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