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end of the line! 4ever!

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^^^homeshop for Repairs is a whole other thing... those said homeshop for dismantling


kind of sucks to look through... I think this is officially the only thred everyone looks through hoping not to see their homies or themselves.


Love those Scoular Hoppers & hate to see another one on the chopping block

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yea i thought they ment something else but there was some that i dont see how they would repair them when they were cutting up ones that looked to be in better shape than they were. either way they all got buffed when they went for repair im sure. lost pieces are shitty

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that would be dope to cut up pieces of the trains and send them out to people who painted them or do an art show with them. Alot of the streaks and pieces of pieces. just going with what FR8HOUND said kinda. I know i would buy some of that stuff. props on the thread!


That's a good idea,it would be dope.

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