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Over the top Vacation Accommodations

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Recently I have been looking for a place to take my girlfriend for a holiday and have come across some insane accommodations throughout the world.

One of the craziest I found was as follows:


Villa Vista Magica - Mexico














- $48,000 - $60,000/week (not Pesos - US dollars)

- The Magica has 87,800 sf of space containing 11 individual circular casitas that will sleep up to 22 guests.

- The Villa Magica has an Executive 9 hole golf course and 2 carts on the estate

- Also available to guests are 2 house jet ski wave runners

- Included with your stay are 2 nine passenger Surburbans and 2 ATV vehicles for your enjoyment.

- 3 meals/day are served

- There are beaches on both sides of the property

- There is a gym for your convenience which contains: 2 treadmills, stair stepper, gym set, free weights, dry sauna, steam room, lockers and showers.

- Each of the 11 Casita Huts (bedrooms suites) has king sized beds, powder room, showers, Zacuzzi tubs, walk in dressing rooms, kitchenette, refrigerator, ice maker, satellite TV, A/C, ceiling fans, WIFI Internet and a phone.


My guess is Mexican drug moneys built this place - an ex-president did own it!


To see more details check out the following links -






I will add some other crazy places I found when I have time.

Feel free to add your own too - even if it's a shit hole, but will make me laugh.

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Checked out Tahiti.

Bora Bora - Four Seasons

If money wasn't an issue - I might just stay here.




















I think she comes with the room.


- 75,000.00 XPF - 304,000.00 XPF a night ($940 US - $3,800 US)

- The Resort offers 121 spacious hideaways nestling around Bora Bora lagoon and its outer beaches.

- The 100 over-water bungalows perch on stilts above the turquoise lagoon.

- Guest accommodations offer a restful, airy ambience inspired by local architecture – with traditional teak wood furnishings, high ceilings and roofs thatched with pandanus leaves.

- Private pools and deep bathtubs beside doors that slide open to reveal panoramic fresh-air views of the lagoon.

- 24-hour In-Room Dining

- Refrigerated private bar

- Complimentary overnight shoeshine (This)

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Poseidon Resort - Fiji

Underwater Hotel














- Opening soon!

- The facts are getting a little more concrete on Fiji's coming underwater hotel--although to match its name, the exact location of Poseidon Resort's Mystery Island is still, well, a mystery.

- 24 underwater suites 40 foot down will complement beach and over water bungalows to make up the resort.

- they're calling it a 7-star resort.

- The price: $15,000 per person for seven days Underwater Hotel Fiji, which includes two nights in a beach villa, two nights in an over-water bungalow and two nights in an underwater suite.

- And Dubai, naturally, has plans for its own underwater hotel.



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I don't think I could sleep underwater. and waking up the sound of some sea creature snuffling along the joins in the dome above my head... oh god no!

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All that stuff is bullshit, if you're paying those prices expect to be in the tourist rooms. The nicest are comped to celebrities and dignitaries. People who could just as easily buy their own island. If you're all about paying too much for regular stuff then just stay at a Ritz-Carlton anywhere, and if you're truly ballin' then rent one of those islands celebrities own.

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The first two joints look amazing. The third is like a human fish tank in a fish living room. Which means its my favorite. Im not all about tropical getaways but those are something to think about when you wonder why you work so fucking hard for god damn nothing.

or I guess not, nevermind.

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been there,its all hype.. I was there with locals , so not only did I get around n see the tourist shit, but actually hung out in local spots... they say its a tropical scenery this n that, but its just an island with one to many people, one main road that circles the island and not alot today at night. I was there for 2 weeks, and was dying to leave 3 days into it. best part of my trip was going out one night and I lost my friends on purpose.long story short..caught some tags in the 3 block radius of what they call "downtown" and then hun gout with a bum the rest of the time on a corner.. my ex which I was visiting got all pisst off bc I made her look stupid when she found me and I was kicking it with a dread head bum..YOu for some reason arent supposed to talk to bums out there or something.. well fuck it


/bermuda major fail...

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id love to peep dubai, i knew this mad fuckin hot rich girl whos dad was a brain surgeon and they lived in dubai for 2 years.


the chick was smoking and she was hella smart/cool. spoke like 4 languages n shit.

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the only problem with dubai, is, well...dubai.

{Yes, and they can build all the weird, crazy underground apt complex' they want. Won't make me want to go there. Looks nice, but probably smells like the corner store.

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