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good to go for 3 nights BGCA and 3 nights GA Floor Chicago

hopefully catch furthur once or twice

I have the Best Western in S. Springs booked. I might not use. If this is the case

would transfer it if anyone here wants it. lemme kno

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shattered then the little knubs pulled out by a blind drunk russian with a hacksaw.


No it really is that bad, I haven't been to one of those things in years and never intend on going to one of those things again. Enjoy the bugs, nasty unwashed rainbow pussy, giardia cause someone thinks everyone should drink live water, getting harassed by LEOs, dealing with schwag fucks, and all the rest of the bullshit that comes with that.

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I can put you in touch with the Mutant Fest folks early if you want to get a jump on that. Seems like I end up debating over whether I should go every year and wind up missing my ride there...which is probably for the best. I would probably end up on Weird Dope and fucking the mythical Raver Cougar in a dirty tent somewhere.


Speaking of which- despite all appearances this is NOT the "put all the stuff hippie over here" thread. Therefore, for the love of Jehovah God, let us have no more discussion of Rainbow events. I can tolerate the jam band stuff because...well, I don't like it but I don't really know where else it would fit, so I guess I gotta just accept that. But for some of us (namely me) some things- like Rainbow Gatherings- are beyond the pale.

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Not one head on here is going to ALL GOOD?

If youre stuck in the midwest ts really your only chance for Further...


Has anyone done EDC in vegas? It looks a little bit much for me, as bad as rainbow looks to yall...:lol:


Id rather see sts9, lotus, or eoto, for one night than shuffle rock with a bunch of candy kids for three days...But the opportunity to go is there....Anyone been?

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is EDC that kiddy rave juggalo thing? They have one in vegas?

Kiddy rave juggalo thing vs rainbow

Rather let lorena bobbit chop my dick off.


Ok sts9, lotus, eoto, zilla, whatever now you are talking about a show and not some juggalo kiddy rave or rainbow. Seriously though how the fuck are you bringing up some juggalo kiddy rave in this thread.

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They both love making music and do it for the fans. Plus they support a lot of people through doing shows and tours. Years ago I met an old head used to tour with the band doing various things, he told me he still got hook ups to any shows he wanted to go to anytime just cause he was with them for years. He had one of the craziest laminate collections i've ever seen, really cool dude.

I'm more surprised they do things like 9 shows in 10 days, at one spot and just crush it.

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