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My friend worked at the NYE show last night...she doesn't like the Dead but said that it was a pretty good show regardless. The setlist looked solid to me...three sets with a Terrapin encore? Sounds interesting.

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u went 2 phish new years bags? i went 2 biscuits new years while my brother was at phish and then we had 2 rush back 2 the train cuz we stayed outside the city. was a fun time. payed some dude 7 bucks for a freestyle, bought a bum a bud light tall boy, and ate a blister pack of sudaphed. all in all i gotta feeling 2013 is going to be a damn good year. i listened to the phish show when we got back 2 the hotey cuz my brother got an iphone program that streams it right after the show. sounded good. i don't have much fun at phish tho. i really like the parking lots though.

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i really like the parking lots though.


Pretty much all anyone needs to know about going to shows, even if you don't like the music by the time you leave the lot you will enjoy the music so much more then you ever could.

Of course these days I tend to avoid the lots and just go to the shows.

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abcizzle, Dunno if I'm going to be able to hit any Summer 13 shows aide from Bangor. Hopefully I've got more free time for Fall tour.


Illuminati, I got your voicemail and spaced calling you back. I will tonight and you will most likely hear from me before reading this.

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eh. I put in for Chicago and SF. Im making SF happen this year damnit.

I got a room booked right up the street from SPAC but im not sure. Im holding

onto it tho. Didnt want to ptbm for SPAC and get stuck in the lawn or trying to

sell em for less than i paid. instead i'll try my phone strategy from last year

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You from SF illuminati? Could use some logistical advice, maybe have shai chime in too. Transportation from the airport to downtown advice, decent places to grab lunch downtown, phaps a cheap hotel down that way thats not filthy. Last time I stayed at the Pontiac motel for a couple weeks. Like to think it was around 6th and market or mission or something. Not especially nice but whatever. Ill only be in town for the weekend. I was almost considering staying at the downtown hostel. $45 a night.

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