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Nothing wrong with phish, they can be really fucking amazing from time to time and from everything ive heard the last few years they sound really good like they are at their peak right now.


Anyone into these guys? I used to love them, this is an awesome show, Haven't seen them in years and everything i've heard from people who have gone to see them is not good these days.


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Hollywood Palladium on 1971-08-06


its fire


Phish is on. Furthur I seen the last couple times in chicago and local was kinda weak. If they return I'll be there with bells on but I'm not going out my way. 2013 Phish should be tits. I'm already excited. I don't listen to any other jam bands. I'll see Furthur because I love the Grateful Dead. Listen to em just about everyday day for years. Other jambands. I've never even heard SCI, UM, WSP.... any of em.

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Umphrees can be fun, can't stand widespread, and I get high on SCI even though I missed every show this summer. The last time I saw them was the last new years run they did in SF.

Anyone dig this project? http://archive.org/details/zilla2005-04-22 Seriously love these guys[/quote


man they destroy hard to handle..between this one and the fillmore east 71 is some of my favorite GD ever..

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All right, I'm going to post some Wiki links to stuff I like that's not the GD but somewhat relevant-


Acid Mothers Temple


Guru Guru


Sleepy Sun


When Sweet Sleep Returned by The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound


Panda Bear




SubArachnoid Space


Crime in Choir


Soft Machine


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June of 44


The Black Heart Procession


Just about anything released by Elephant 6


Grizzly Bear


The Black Angels


And since we all know how to search for music, you can take it from here.

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gd rules, but jam bands in general suck in my opinion. i just went to vegas and saw bob dylan and guns n roses. both were unbelievably good. further and fish and widespead panic, etc are fun shows to attend because of the drugs and art and women. the music? meh. granola funk express is ill though.

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