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late jerry lost some tone - 92 and on but early on the man was like butter shot with WD40. Will never cease to amaze me. 79-85 pissed off on stage half the time scowling. Rest of the band probably looking for any excuse to call him out for his dope. He kept on point probably trying to prove em wrong & he lost something in the process.

University of Oregon on 1993-08-21 That SOTM. After jer crushd the solo... that "BE WITH YOU" ::the magic:: almost suggested he was no where near finished.

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I think the lot would be shitty at this venue which is a theater attached to the football stadium.


I dunno, taking a day off is a pretty big deal at work.


The last time I went to a post Jerry dead thing I was pretty let down but that was over a decade ago.

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Don't listen to theme on this one, especially since further has the guitarist from DSO playing with them now. I've seen some awesome shows and some not awesome shows it depends on the incarnation of the band, and the night. I will say i've definitely been skipping the shows the last few years since they haven't been impressing me but that might be due to me seeing them far to many times.

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I saw DSO at Hardly Strictly last year, and my impression was that they're technically proficient but not inspiring. Furthur just doesn't sound right....it's not so much the lack of Jerry so much as the lack of transitions that I would expect to hear. Maybe it is the lack of Jerry...there's definitely an ineffable quality that's not there.


I've never seen or heard The Other Ones or The Dead, so I can't comment on them but I imagine that it's more of the same. Might be wrong but I doubt it.


I listened to Legion of Mary and Reconstruction the other day.....kind of bummed I missed out on that for so long. Didn't someone link some Reconstruction here at one point?

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Both of your posts point to a lack of Jerry, brahz.

Shai, The Dead, and The Other ones are all the same as Furthur, + or - an original member, a fake Jerry or some other guitarist who doesn't gel with the band quite right. DSO is definitely not inspiring, I mean, they're a cover band, after all. They're good for what they are, though. I'd still go see them over an unpredictable Furthur who plays either too slow, disjointed, or once in a great while actually go somewhere. I linked a couple Reconstruction shows in here a few pages back.

I got your text, illum, wish I could have made it to the SF shows this year, that pass looks like it would have made it all the funner.

It's Phish only for live, improvised, psychedelic music, these days, imho. The Denver shows are some of the best I've seen them perform since 98. Top notch stuff. Time to start planning for New Years.

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It's like a vegan grilled cheese or a vegan BLT- the person offering it to you can tell you it's good, and everyone around might be enjoying theirs, and maybe it's not really that of a bad sandwich after all....but on almost every level of sensation you know it's not the real thing.

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Being a fan who never attended a show while Jerry was around and probably have little place to speak having only experienced shows through tape.. I've caught the last 3 tours for a chunk of them and watched this band start to pull together so well. Sure they have nights where it's a mess and just doesn't quite do it but shouldn't it be alluring enough to catch whats left then to have negative shit to say about it?


I'd say you shouldn't ask anyone on a forum if you should or shouldn't attend a show, half of the people feel that it's complete bullshit for the band to tour without Jerry and others call JK a fake Jerry, it's biased opinions all over.


Hit archive and listen to a couple random shows from the past two Furthur tours with a clear open mind and decide for yourself!


Before any lashings, I'm not saying Furthur is actually a place holder for the Dead, just that the band as it stands is starting to meld quite nicely and it's worth looking into further than asking a bunch of people on a board..

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I'm not saying nobody should like Furthur/DSO/et al.....I don't have an opinion other than that for my own reasons (admittedly mostly having to do with taste) I've moved on from seeing anything currently Dead related. Almost all of the shows I go to now are decidedly NOT like the Dead (mostly punk and indie stuff) so I'm out of the loop when it comes to what's going on in the jam band scene.


When I made this thread I was feeling nostalgic listening to shows on archive.org, and after a quick search was surprised to find that that no one had made a GD thread on 12 oz. I knew that there were several fans on here, so I figured it wouldn't be a complete flop. Instead, it's the most successful thread I've made to date (even if half of it is about Phish).

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