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Who In the Fuck is go rad


Ive let your shit talking bitch ass slide for too long. Kiss all your shitty looking legals good bye. You dont do shit on the streets or any real graffiti for that matter. your just a fat pussy ass bitch that can hang.





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Did you think about that all night...what to say to sound tuff...you better make it worth it when I show up to your mom and dads house to kick your ass, but you will probably call the cops like the lil bitch that you are


this is the only reply I have for you on here.



For one I have my own place bitch I don't like with my parents.

Two.. My mom just died two weeks ago.. For bringing her up I'm going to take a baseball bat to your face instead of just straight beating your bitch ass..

Third.. ME call the cops?!?!?! Lmao.... I do real graffiti and real crimes on the daily un like your legal wall paint buying bitch ass. Go home toy.. Post more pics from ten years ago when you kinda painted shit...

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