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AGAIN with the Album questions: Cover Art

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BIG heads up to the response to my previous thread, I love it that the LP format (front to back) is not only NOT dead but fully supported. You know I like you guys or I wouldn't be here but 12oz continues to impress me. I saw a bunch of stuff I know and love and a bunch of new stuff that I'm stil all google/wiki/youtube on... so...


This time around it's all about cover art. The albums can suck out loud , good music has NOTHING to do with it, just a bonus.


You know I'm a stickler so I'd like for it to be something you actually own but I won't hold anybody to that. Here's one that I have, one of my faves but not the music so much. I do want to give shouts to a song title off this though: "Ode to a Gym Teacher". <That's funny! I get it! Anyway...



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for those that dont know about this album cover.. read the lyrics below..






I broke out the Ever-Clear and then I drunk some mo'


Until it was all gone


Now I'm lookin for somebody to take my pain out on


But not just anybody, gee


I'ma take that on to Mica cos she's the closest to me


Full of that Ever-Clear and high on that buddah


Get to the house all I'm thinkin bout is shootin her


Cos shootin her would be sweet


But you know what'd be sweeter? if I make her shootin me


Call me crazy, but that's what I'm thinkin


I'm trippin from all that smokin weed and drinkin


But I knew she wouldn't do it on her own, so I provoked her


Punched her, kicked her, and chocked her


She still wouldn't grab the gun


And at that time I wasn't thinkin about no one


Damn near crazy I went and grabbed the baby


Held him by the door and said i'ma throw his ass out, hoe


She went to cryin, somebody stop him


I said: you better grab the muthafuckin gun or i'ma drop him


She snatched the baby out of my hands


We started fighting, punching, scratching, and biting


When we fell on the bed, check this shit


All kinds of crazy shit was goin through my head


So I ran and got the gun and came back to her


Loaded it up and handed the gat to her


I grabbed her hand and placed the gun to my eye muscle


She screamed stop and then we broke into another tussle


Yo, durin the fight the gun went off quick


Damn! aw shit, I'm hit


(Aw... my eye, I can't see


Why you shot me in the eye?


I woulda shot you in the body


Why you shot me in the eye?)


Ridin in the ambulance everything is hectic


I can't get a grip, I just can't check this


Everybody's cryin, could it be I'm dyin


Bullet in my head, in the bed was lyin


Where's Mica? I wanna tell her I love her


With an [ ] in my arm I took a picture for an album cover


Goddamn, the shit's a trip, gee


Five different doctors with needles tryin to stick me


I hear my family hollerin he needs us


Durin the confusion, man, I seen jesus


My mom's on the phone long-distance from New York


Here comes the doctors again tryin to rip me apart


I got a monkey on my back, I can't shake it


I'm havin suicidal thoughts hopin that I don't make it


But I'ma make it cos something's steady urgin me


Five hours passed, I made it through surgery


And the doctor said I wouldn't make it through the night


But god told me everything is gonna be alright


And I'm glad that I'm here, gee


But it's fucked up I had to lose an eye to see shit clearly

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not a fan of the band but always liked the cd cover / poster









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Also, all the albums I have/will list can be fully enjoyed start-to-finish and can stand the test of time.












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I'm wondering how Shai even knows about those albums?



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like a throttle

was a good track and we in there was a great track a

and robert williams is a greta artist


plus don't forget all the iron maiden covers


I always loved them as a kid even if I didn't like the music


and a guy in school had this on a shirt which I thought was pretty bad ass


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