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16 Yr old Beat To Death

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An 16 year old kid was beat to death and it was caught on video its pretty fucked up.


The kid was just passing by and got killed by a mob for apparently no reason









Chicago police Saturday were reviewing a video showing the melee that left a Fenger Academy High School student beaten to death this week.

Derrion Albert, 16, found himself in the middle of a deadly melee with dozens of teenage boys Thursday afternoon in a vacant lot outside the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., in the Roseland neighborhood. He was later pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

The video was obtained by Fox Chicago News and a copy was given to Chicago police, according to a Calumet Area detective.

Please note the video contains graphic violence.


Meanwhile, a candlelight vigil is being planned for Sunday afternoon in memory of Albert, according to his family. Witnesses and police said Friday that the Fenger High School junior was not a target but simply passed by the community center from school and was swept into the violent altercation.

The honor roll student known for his love of computers became the third Chicago teenager slain this month. At least seven more have been shot.

Details for the vigil were being finalized Saturday afternoon by family members. Early plans had been to meet at 1 p.m. outside Fenger at 11220 S. Wallace St., but another option being considered was to meet at noon where the beating took place on 111th Street.

Police and witnesses say the melee was a culmination of a simmering rivalry between two groups of Fenger students, one that lived near the school and the other from the Altgeld Gardens housing development. Neighbors said the feud has been building since August, spilling across Roseland streets and, some say, into Fenger.

Police this afternoon said no one was in custody in connection with Albert's death.

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black kids really piss the shit out of me sometimes. seriously, you dont see white kids doing this, maybe latino kids, but fuck man, senseless shit for no reason.


It happens in all races man, just more in the black community for some reason.


When it's a gangbanger killing another gangbanger I don't give a shit, one less idiot in the world.. but innocent people, it's fucked up.

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what a bunch of fucking cunts, they deserve life in prison, put the little bastards in with the rapists and see how they like being fucked up the ass for 20 years straight


seriously, kids nowadays are pussies, can't deal with a fight properly and have to pull weapons and other shit, sad thing is no one will actually get prosecuted because people think they will be cool for not snitching

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black kids really piss the shit out of me sometimes. seriously, you dont see white kids doing this, maybe latino kids, but fuck man, senseless shit for no reason.


you're kind of dumb.


September 4, 2009


Details of Wixom fight emerging





A spat among teens in Wixom and White Lake Township ended with one dead and another charged with murder.


Robert L. Lowry, 18, of White Lake Township was arraigned Thursday on a charge of second-degree murder, with an alternative count of involuntary manslaughter, in the death of Justin Hussin, 18, of Wixom, who was hit in the head with a golf club.


Lowry is to be in court Wednesday. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.


Lowry's family declined to comment. Lowry was being held in the Oakland County Jail with bond set at $250,000.


Wixom Public Safety Director Clarence Goodlein said the dispute between Lowry and a Wixom teen may have started at a concert. Kyle Crawford, 17, said he heard it started at a house party.


Crawford of Walled Lake wasn't at the party but was with his friends, including Hussin, leading up to the fight Tuesday.


He said Lowry and a teen decided to meet after exchanging heated text messages and phone calls. Crawford didn't end up at the fight.


Wixom Detective Sgt. Gary Hamlin said one teen texted: "I will smash you." As about 10 teens converged in a Wixom neighborhood at about 3 a.m., a resident heard arguing and the scuffle and called 911, Hamlin said.


He said two teens -- not Hussin or Lowry -- started pushing each other. One dropped his golf club and Lowry picked it up. "Now I've got a club," witnesses told police Lowry said, as he swung and hit Hussin. Some teens drove off; Hussin died at the scene, police said. Lowry was arrested later.


"There are some things worth fighting over," Crawford said, "and some things worth letting go."

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seems there was something more going on that just a random act of violence as that story says, he wasnt the only kid they were attacking, in fact i actually thought it was gonna be someone else who got it bad. but maybe it was for "apparently no reason."


kids are quick to use weapons so they can go home and boast about how they've fucked this or that dude up with a pipe or some bullshit.. and because a lot of fights, atleast ones i've seen, quickly escalate from 1 on 1, to 4 on 1, to 5 on 4, to 10 on 10, until basically everyone in the vacinity is either fighting or running. everyones tougher than the next guy, and they gotta proove it.

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