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I don't think you understand what multicultural means. IF Asians and shit flooded in, then we are multicultural by definition. Plus, we are one of two countries that has a multicultural policy.


My neighbours as we grew up were Indian, Chinese, Uzbeks, Fijian, White Aussies, Americans, etc. etc.


Australia is most definitely multicultural because we have multiple cultures living there.


haha i re-read what i wrote, i drifted off into a different tangent and changed ideas mid sentence. we are multicultural, but no one likes it that way...ethnic groups do their own thing with eachother, we are a multicultural nation but exist in monocultural social groups.


well there goes any credibility to my argument

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I think Nascar is just an excuse for tons of people to sit around a track and get shit faced under the guise of watching a race. The crashes are fun to watch though.


yeah! although, to be fair we have sorta the same thing here except the cars go around an actual track.


its called v8 supercars and its super gay

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You would think so but you should visit where I live, multicultural is an understatement.

Just because you bareley tolorate another culture within your own doesn't mean you get a cookie.

I've heard some of the worst/highest numbers of racist remarks towards Asains come from Australia.


thats because most aussies hate asians, plain and simple. i dont know how you uptight easteners feel about them but those dudes get no love over here....fucking dog killers.

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their black

he's black.



that answer your question?


actually in a doco i saw those cats in rural towns are into their judas priest.


and fuck off with the finger in the collar shit, you dudes are racist too.


i mean dudes still look out for the individual regardless of race but as a group...fuck em


EDIT my bad i quoted the wrong dude i was talking about hatorihanzo

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actually in a doco i saw those cats in rural towns are into their judas priest.


and fuck off with the finger in the collar shit, you dudes are racist too.


i mean dudes still look out for the individual regardless of race but as a group...fuck em


yeah i know what you mean about asians.



and ive seen that doco? wasnt it in the australia thread or something? it was hilarious, i remember it. there was like the iron maiden gang and the judas priest gang and they'd have mosh offs and shit

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Personally I love Asians, most of my friends here married Asian women and I just divoced one.

One thing I will give credit to Aussies for is at least being real, Americans are fake in this aspect.

Americans don't express thier true feelings toward other races unless it's behind closed doors.


As for Nascar we love that shit, I can't get into it but it's very popular especially amongst people

who work in the automotive industry, like mechanics, dealership workers, ect.

I think the facination comes from the strict rules like the cars having actual profiles of production vehicles.

Limits on tire changes, fuel requirements and so on, the only real differences allowed are the cars profile and logo's.

Around NYC we could care less but the southern states go apeshit over it.

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Just to add a question....


English people. Do you guys really like fosters? Why don't you drink your beers ice cold?


fosters? i used to love this stuff, it was one of the only beers i could drink warm and enjoy, but now we get it on tap, cold, and it's fuckin' rancid. i honestly can't stand the shite these days. but i don't think it's the same recipie, probably some fuckin' export shite.


ice cold? i don't really understand why this became a marketing point in the UK, i can understand it in Oz when it's forty fuckin' seven degress in the shade, you're gonna want something that's sub-zero to cool you down. but over here (scotland) it's always fuckin' freezing. and if it's warm...ish, it's probably pissing doon with rain.


beer oot the pub's always cold, and it's cold the vast majority of times when you buy it oot the shops too.

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I won't drink beers from the tap in bars unless it's very popular.

If no one drinks it for a while the lines from the keg to the tap get mold in them.

Making the beer taste like dog shit once run through the tubes of rot.


the pipes should be cleaned every day if they want the beer to stay good and fresh

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Im probably wrong, but I don't think I've ever heard any variances in a British or Aussie accent.




There's tonnes of different accents in Britain. Generally people just associate it with a south eastern middle class accent, but there are 4 different countries included in the union and accents change a lot when you move about.


Here's a few main examples:






Northern Ireland





Rude boy type london

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no not really but traditionally a Labour party member is working/middle class and a conservative is upper class. So if someone has a very posh sounding well spoken accent that is generally attributed to the upper class and therefore tory.


Also the North of the country was always considered more Labour and the South Tory.


There are so many different accents it is crazy,even in the city I used to live (Bristol) you have different accents between the north and south of the city, there are accent of people in the UK that I have difficulty understanding, a strong Geordie accent is hard for me to understand. You even have different pronounciations of letters, take J for instance I pronounce it Jay then in other areas it sounds more like Jie.


Then take into account you have England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland who all have different accents and language traits then there is a huge difference in accents here.

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edit - in response to viper, but defc...something already covered it mostly


Yeh Britain is still pretty divided by class so it's generally pretty easy to tell junkie class from working class, from lower middle class, from upper middle class by their accent. You'd need to be familiar with the general local accent aswell sometimes though.


General trend in British politics understandably is working class vote, labour, upper middle vote conservative and the lower middle swing between them so usually decide elections. So you could guess a labour supporter most of the time by their accent but it's too do with class you know.

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