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ask someone from a different country...

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Why would we want Canada. We have Alaska and no even wants to go there because it sucks so much dick. Imagine that but like...at least twice is big, or something. Lets just invade Africa. They're all broke as fuck, poorly trained, and dumb as hell (BECAUSE THEY'RE BLACK! LOL! GET IT?!?!?!?!).

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for anybody who has been to australia and united states...


they say when you flush your toilets it spins the opposite way as the us, have any of you actually experienced this? I also heard when dogs walk in circles to lay down or take a shit they spin in opposites also.


thanks in advance

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yes, that's exactly what i mean haha.


I've got one for Americans:

Are you secretly jealous of Canada? I can understand the rivalry but from the outside looking in, it seems like a much better place to live.


we are jealous of your health care system, thats for sure, as much as you guys dont want to admit it, you know it sucks. im $60,000 in debt to hospitals for shit i never asked for and been fucked over alot by our system. it sucks

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I'm pretty sure fag is used as slang for a cigarette because originally a fag was a bundle of sticks used to burn witches/homosexuals/"freaks" of all kinds. So it has two applications with relative origin; to burn a stick and when used as a derogatory label, it is so because the person is saying being gay is wrong and should be punished by being incinerated alive.



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