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The US fights with morals? That is news to me.


Back on point with a question for the English, is there any good English food? I have always had a suspicion that meat pie has a lot of potential but have only had the frozen type. So is there a classic English food that is top notch?

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Just like Vietnam, piece of cake.


It's interesting that you mention an invasion and occupation like Vietnam......, because I sure as hell didn't!!


The call was made that the US would never dream of fucking with China. I just stated the first three ways that the US could bomb China to death without setting foot in the country, which is pretty much fucking with them, I'd say. But you've chosen the most extreme example of warfare which is invading and occupying a country, well done! I'm going to have to sound arrogant here and suggest that you may not be looking at the picture from an informed position, such as the way Theo is.


I agree Theo, the US would not want to war with China. I'd say that the US would not really want to war with anyone, much cheaper to rule through coercive diplomacy!


The US wouldn't even have to go to war against China, they'd just blockade the Malacca straights and cut off their sea lanes of coms. China know this that is why they are building pipelines from Myanmar, Pakistan and Malaysia to avoid the SEA choke-point (you may wish to consult a map at this point...).


Geopolitics is stupidly complicated so that is why I just listed the 3 most obvious points of how the US would fuck with China and destroy them without too much fuss. The biggest worry for the US is nuclear survivability and the apparent Mach 10 anti-ship missiles that China is making for coastal denial (keeps the carriers up to 2000 ks off the coast), other than that, it's a non-contest.

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I've heard of those Chinese anti-ship missiles. While living in Japan, a US Naval officer was explaining them to me and said the US had no defense against them.


Even the US's AEGIS system can't defend it? I'm guessing the way to do it would be to bomb the anti-ship missile batteries from planes and with cruise missile strikes. But if these are mobile batteries, then taking them out would be difficult.


And what do you mean by ks -- kilometers?

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Yeah, Ks=lazy Aussie way for saying kilometers.


The Chinese, as far as we know, haven't finished the ASMs yet. Although their national day parade is tomorrow and we are all expecting a few surprises. However, until tackable tests have been carried out then they will just be tubes on the back of launchers. IF they are real, no the US has no defense against them yet, however I'd say there are a group of people working real hard on that as we speak.




Some one was asking about Chinese women and white skin. Yeah, a lot of the girls up north value white skin and most of their cosmetics have bleaching agents in them. I hate it, I prefer tanned skin on Asian girls. My girl is from Wuhan in the center east of China, she looks fucking AWESOME with tanned skin although she feels that others will look down on her. Fuck them, I don't care!!

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Vietnam was never put forth as being a invasion occupation model. It just turned out that way on the ground.


Sure, if the US chose to nuke China they would have an advantage but that does not negate the fact that China has a huge military and is not a force to dismiss.


When it comes to super-powers at war I suppose that the most recent incarnation of that would be the cold war. I highly doubt that the US would like to engage China on such terms especially considering the current conditions of the economy both domestic and international.


In a way it seems to me that China has enabled the worst of the greed in the US. Without China the US would find itself lacking in terms of dollars and cents.

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to those who's countries revolve around soccer..



why is that shit so popular? it's pretty much the most boring sport next to nascar


you haven't heard of cricket? crickets the worst, go and look it up. its a bunch of guys standing out in the sun on dead grass and one throws a ball and another one tries to hit it with a plank of wood. its the gayest shit ever.


soccer is a really fun sport, i used to play, i was in an academy and i was getting ready to go train over in italy when i was 16. i dislocated my knee and that was game fucking over.




Dear Australians,


First of all, I must say, Australians are some of the coolest people I have ever met. Always so friendly and ready to get smashed. My kind of people.


My question is, where does your friendly demeanor come from? Are you always that fucking happy? And second, how do you remain good friends with the people you sleep with? Every girl I know raves about some Australian love affair, and American men in comparison treat them like shit. Americans really do have the worst dating rituals. Maybe you can teach them a thing or two about that.






we're the best, we love getting messy and having a laugh. i don't know why we are so friendly. i might not seem like it on 12oz but i'm pretty approachable /no homo.

even Almost Free is a good dude and he's one of the angriest people i know :lol:





yeah they are real cool. i went to the hollywood premier of that movie "BRA BOYS" and i hung out with those abberton brothers, like sunny and all them, and the movie made them seem so thugged out but we hung out all night doin coke and shit, those dudes were so nice



Bra Boys is dope! i know a couple of people who surfed with them. their all stand up guys and all that kinda shit. always sticking up for each other.

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Back on point with a question for the English, is there any good English food? I have always had a suspicion that meat pie has a lot of potential but have only had the frozen type. So is there a classic English food that is top notch?


This is a good question, and believe the answer is a resounding no


And USA>China, every time

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No, sorry, incorrect.


The US has around 6000+ intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.


China has around 40.


The US has a massive fleet of bombers capable of flying from many US bases in the world (the bases in southern Japan come to mind pretty quick and there's also Hawaii) with the aid of refuelers if need be that can drop nuclear bombs on China.


China has no air bases outside of China nor does it have air refuelers...., let alond aircraft capable of flying anywhere close enough to CONUS to launch a cruise missile.


The US has around 12 aircraft carrier FLEETS (not just the one boat but whole fleets) that can deploy to any theatre in the world (just as they did in 1996 when China blockaded Taiwan) usually in a matter of days as many of them are already forward based...., one in Japan now.


China has no operational aircraft carriers.




I could go on an on for hours here explaining how easily the US would disable and crush China in a matter of days. But instead I'll hand it back to you to tell me why the US should be worried about China.


China holds alot of our debt. If they were to resort to drastic measures they could probably sink our currency. As an American i am way more concerned about the economic havok they could put on us. Needless to say there are a lot of them mufucker tho.

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