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Gnarly Sheen

Baby Zombie

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A baby boy born 16 weeks prematurely was declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Paraguay only to wake up in time for his funeral wake hours later.


Dr. Ernesto Weber, head of pediatric care at the state-run hospital in the capital of Asuncion, said the baby weighed just 500 grams (17.6 ounces) when he was born.


"Initially, the baby didn't move, he practically didn't have any respiratory reflexes, nor did we hear a heartbeat and, as a result, we declared a premature fetus of 24 weeks dead," Weber told Reuters Television.


The family was given a death certificate and a cardboard box with the baby's name scribbled on the outside which served as a makeshift coffin.


But when the family took him from the hospital to prepare him for his funeral, the unbelievable happened.


"I opened the box and took the baby out and he cried. I got scared and I said "the baby's crying" ... and then he started moving his arms, his legs and I got scared, we got very scared," said one member of the family, Liliana Alvarenga.


Hours after the baby's death had been declared he was found to be alive. The hospital has begun an investigation and the baby is now in a stable condition in an incubator.

© Copyright © Reuters



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Just in case anyone else trys to post devils son lyrics


L's a rebel, on a higher level, go get a shovel

Cause I'm the only son of the motherfucking devil

It's a fact I'm living foul, black

Niggas should have known I was sick from the shit I did a while back

Cause being bad I couldn't stop

When I was in pre-school, I beat a kid to death with a wooden block

Faggot niggas I was back slapping

I realized that every time I got mad something bad happened

A nigga hit me with a can of beer, then he ran in fear

Later they found him hanging from a chandelier

Enemies I be bucking quick

My moms know who I am because she know who she was fucking with

On my skull the 666, no tricks

When I catch fits, my mom picks up the crucifix

And I kill chumps for the cheapest price

I'm rolling with Satan, not Jesus Christ

Enemies I got several done

Big L straight from hell, the motherfucking Devil's Son

"When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus" (Repeat 3x)

"I'm waving automatic guns at nuns"

It's Big L and I'm all about taking funds

I'm a stone villian known for killing and raping nuns

Ayo I even kill handicapped and crippled bitches

Look at my scalp real close and you'll see triple sixes

There's no doubt I'm all about a dollar

I just signed a lifetime contract with the funeral parlor

This kid that owed me dough, I didn't take his life

Instead I tied him up and made him watch me rape his wife

One nigga cold tried to diss me and that shit is risky

The nigga took a swung but he missed me

So I popped off mad chunks not junk

I spit in his motherfucking face and then walked off

Once a hottie shot me with a shottie

I died but then I came back to life in another body

The way I'm living is dead wrong

I'm a devil from Hell without the tail or the red horns

Killing is fun, I'm #1 with a gun

Front and get done, cause you can't run from the Devil's Son

"When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus" (Repeat 3x)

"I'm waving automatic guns at nuns"

The Big L is strictly gunplay

I run through church and pistol-whip the priest every Sunday

Once I put out the crazy order

I sent niggas to kill Tone, his mom, and his baby daughter

I'm living up to my extortion image

I be stalking Lennox, catching more bodies than abortion clinics

A kid tried to take L out

Shot me with a tech, I just laughed and spit the shell out

Next I took his gun then he dropped to his knees

With ease I made him freeze, he begged me please not to squeeze

But I ain't the type to bust, I just sniped a bus

Gunclap *bang* Another nigga bites the dust

Shorts I'm taking none

Misbehave and get sent to the grave by the Devil's Son

Word, Big L the motherfucking Devil's Son is definitely in effect

Giving a shout out to all the murderers, thieves, armed robbers

Serial killers, phychos, lunatics, crackheads, mental patients

Mental retards, and a special shoutout to all the niggas with AIDS, peace

R.I.P. Big L ... respect

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i want to meet that kid in 16 years.



hes going to be fucking badass.



in fact, i bet he will join 12oz

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Kid has way too many expectations to live up to upheld by people he is never gunna meet. Kinda sad really, he will never do anything as rad as this ever again in his life. Unless he rapes a nun with a burning crucifix dipped in goat's blood

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He is, you aren't.


its funny how you disapear for months and come back just to ride my dick like the fool that left 12oz in janurary.


your like 40 years old. have nothing to do with graffiti and come on 12oz to suck up to a few people whom clearly you dont know in real life yet continualy bring there names up in a sad attempt at being ecool.


now, you have now taken updrawball. scratching "12oz" into a fucking computer "drawball". 40 YEARS OLD SCRATCHING 12oz INTO A FUCKING COMPUTER DRAWBALL SCREEN.:lol::lol::lol:


get over me hook hanger. all you do, and all youv ever done on here is brown nose and complain about me.


oh, and for everyone unaware. this is christo hanging from meat hooks that he embeded into his back to hang from chains attached to a tree branch.




koolguyChristo hangin from a tree

suckin up for eprops on 12 zee

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