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The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

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I cannot find the whole video, props to anyone who does.


the media is pretty liberal. the only conservative tv news is fox news which people always seem to slam as "conservative propagangda". but msnbc and networks similar to it (cnn) do the exact same thing for liberals.


I keep seeing this argued again and again and there is no basis for the argument.


"In the west, 10 or 20 years, there has been massive research documenting the fact that the media are extraordinarily subordinated to external power. Now, when you have that power, the best technique is to ignore all of that discussion, ignore it totally, and to eliminate it, by the simple device of asserting the opposite. If you assert the opposite, that eliminates mountains of evidence demonstrating that what you are saying is false. That's what power means. And the way we assert the opposite is by just saying that the media are liberal."

Noan Chomsky

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my evidence is this. obviously there are large groups of both liberals and conservatives in this country, and each side would mostlikely wanting to watch a news networks which caters to their own political views. now we've always had news networks since television became a large part of american society, examples being nbc, cbs, abc and other like cnn which came later. fox news was created in 1996 and slowly rose to get highest ratings american news. now everybody knows that fox news is a complete conservative propaganda machine which leans absolutely EVERYTHING to the right. sometimes bringing no evidence to the table and constantly talking down on president obama for each and every move he makes.


doesnt it strike you that so many people (all being conservative) would choose this one channel over all others?


as a dude that voted for obama and john kerry even i can see the huge distinction between fox news and other channels. msbnc is very left leaning. time magazine/newsweek never seem to suggest obama is doing anything wrong (and EVERY president does plenty of things wrong). i say fuck watching/reading anything from any of these networks. local newspapers always seem to have the most unbiased reporting from what ive seen. if there's even such a thing.

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most all news is neither liberal nor conservative, it is simply entertainment that threads itself to deep personal feelings held by the viewer.

its all bullshit.

except for amy goodman on democracy now.


and shes liberal.

but not bullshit.

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i forgot to add that I have read that when msnbc started they launched as a competitor with fox news,

but once they realized they couldn't pull the elder conservative demographics away from fox, they shifted their brand to target the liberal demographic. surprise? i dont even think Rupert Murdoch is a politically motivated dude, hes just in the business of media. if you dont agree, take care and look at his assets- you will be shifted to find that he owns a variety of politically conflicting organizations.

i bet rupert is just one of many, they dont care what the fuck you think, as long as you think your thinking is reflected on their product and that the powers that be are happy or trying to pay them to be happier.

who knows.

not my stupid uncle.

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the media isnt liberal or conservative.. this is just a distraction.

the media is PRO STATE.



word up, creating the illusion that different media outlets have significantly different political agendas just serves to bound the debate between the artificial realms of centre left and centre right. The fact is every mainstream media outlet has a vested commercial interest in maintaining the current political and economic power structure and this can not change by the nature of contemporary media institutions.

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I've never claimed the media is unbiased. More over I wholly support Mam's position that it's a money game. It goes back farther than WR Hearst, yellow journalism is a fact of life.


The thing that sticks in my craw is the continued parroting of the phrase 'liberal elite media'. More to the point, the word 'elite'. It was a watershed moment during Bill Clinton's admin that the Fox network pioneered the move to not broadcast the state of the union address on public airwaves. They didn't black it out but they chose to offer it exclusively on their cable news station. 'Exclusive', 'elite', the words don't mean the same thing but they share something. I realize that every other major broadcast network has moved towards this, though sometimes they'll show the things that support their cause on the public airwaves. I think even Fox put the last Pres/Vice-Pres debates on national TV but... WEAK.


About 5 years ago I decided that I just didn't need cable, really the only big loss was the weather channel (I live in hurricane country). Now I accept that I'll probably not see Presidential addresses (even Republican addresses). I realize that, instead of watching the events of MY government unfold live, I'll have to look up the transcript online. This is fine for me, I'm an analytical reader, however... How many don't care, or don't get it, or don't even have internet access?


Most people don't even read for enjoyment these days. Less of us read for political enlightenment and even less are willing to read the words of those they consider their political adversaries. Most folks want to hear radio talking heads or TV news celebrities (mis)characterize the previous nights speech. They'd rather hear spin and lies that degrade their opponents and up their own close minded viewpoint than actually read the speeches and make an informed decision.


While I feel that Fox (et al) do us a huge disservice when they refer to the 'liberal' elite media, I think all media has become elitist.


I'm for a law that says ALL Presidential addresses are carried on public broadcast airwaves on ALL public channels. Sounds kind of Orwellian or Nazi-ish on the surface but we're Americans and when the speech is over we're free to respond and reply however we wish. If you don't want to watch the President on TV then read a book or watch cable. Not the other way around.


America, love it or lose it. You don't have to leave, just keep not paying attention or let 'them' take away your opportunity to hear the facts as presented live and it will evaporate without you having to lift a finger.

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